Found - Capcom Vs Snk 2 Kit - Close please

Hey guys. I’m looking for the Capcom Vs Snk 2 Naomi GD-ROM game.

I’m located in San Jose, CA in the US. Let me know.


i’m getting this game on saturday (the gd rom) in a cabinet i’m looking to gut…

can i get an offer?

includes marquee, movelists (if they arnt glued to the cab), naomi, gdrom

i accept paypal and money order.

If either of you don’t need or want the CVS2 marquee that comes with the cabinet please let me know. As I would be interested in buying it from either one of you.

Thank You,

he doesn’t have the game… he’s wanting to buy it, not sell it.

so if he buys my kit he can sell you the marquee… but if not i’m not selling just the marquee because it would break up the kit.

Well if he just needs the game and the art I’ll take the gd rom drive and dimm board if there for sale that is.

he’s buying the whole thing

Hey Shodokan Has he made you an offer? I am interested in buying it from you.

yes he has, and i’ve had an offer from albert_c as well

Found thanks to Shadokan!

Might have the marquee up for sale. Haven’t decided. Contact if your interested.

ty for buying it, it should ship tuesday afternoon around 3pm est.

Closed as requested.