Found combo into solar plexus!

So during a match i had today i did a neutral jump HP as the cody player walked towards me and tried to throw out a button which led to me landing a counterhit, i then proceeded to solar plexus him as a combo. Confirmed that CH nj.HP linked into solar plexus works in training mode. Now the hard part of this is trying to make a setup that would make this information practical (e.g. safe jump timing).

My first attempts were based on a f.throw dash nj.HP, this requires a tiny delay after the dash. This ended up being a 4f safe jump but due to nj.HP’s hitbox being so high it will never hit a crouching opponent, therefore the timing on the safejump needs to be frame perfect to score a counterhit from anything i assume. Even then on someones wakeup they are going to throw out a reversal or block, i doubt a nj.HP would beat a reversal of any type. SO ANNOYING!!

On another note with the opponent in the corner about half screen distance away you can fireball FADC solar plexus and it will combo.

Would like to hear your thoughts on this tech! Especially Illirit cause he’s a boss at finding tech and shit.

Regards, TDKsparda

Try and find a reversal that nj.hp will counterhit. Got to be one…

got a CH nj.HP off a cody that did crack kick under me!