Found Lots Of SF4 Accessories at EBGames Canada

I know lots of people are looking for these… but my local ebgames has everything but the SE stick. The other EB down the street has them for 360 and ps3.

If you live in Ontario and are close to me, reply and I’ll let you know what eb has them.

It might have “everything,” but not enough to satisfy everyone.

Thats ture, I already have a fight pad and TE stick for my 360, and the old 14th Ani stick and 2 pads for ps2. Theres a pawn shop down by my apt that has the xbox ani collection for xbox for $5, I sold my but I may grab it again because of SF4… turneys with friends are awesome.

Which eb games is this located?


i am only an hour out from that store LOL

anyway you can pick up a ps3 TE stick and send you the money?..

Hell i’ll even toss you $20 bucks for your troubles…

Thanks, hopefully I can check it out tomorrow.

Sorry, they only have one 360 te stick.

Damn seems like that’s the case with every place I try… thanks anyway…

Does the eb at woodside square (Finch and McCowan) have them? I preordered ages ago and haven’t gotten a phone call yet…

I got one from woodside on Apr 15. PS3 TE.

damn… guess they dont have any xbox ones…