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As the title states:
Looking to buy a Hori Real Arcade Pro VX/V3 casing OR a Hori Fighting Stick VX/V3 casing.
Doesn’t matter which one (VX/V3/whatever); the color of casing doesn’t matter to me.

All I need is the casing. Don’t need the PCB, joystick, nor main buttons. I do, however, need any buttons that are “part of” the case (Home/Guide and Select on the HRAP VX/V3, or Home/Guide, Select, Start, and the last 2 buttons on the Fighting Stick VX/V3)

I’m located in Montreal, Canada, and I can pay quickly via Paypal (I’m in front of the computer like… 90% of the day).

Thanks for looking!

*** EDIT (2012-Mar-19) ***
Bought a Hori Fighting Stick VX off of Amazon, so no need for this thread anymore.

I have a brand new V3 thats still in the box. Just in case you need everything with it =\

My apologies, I don’t know how I missed this reply; my alerts didn’t, well, “alert” me. Or something.

Anyhow, thanks for the offer, though. However, in terms of a brand new unit, I figure it’d probably be cheaper and more shipping-efficient if I nabbed it off of Amazon or something. I was mainly hoping to get just the casing with no parts in order to lower the cost, since I’ll be plugging in other components in there anyways. :slight_smile: