Found - nothing here


EDIT 31/01/2014 Thanks to a member on another forum, I have found the NOU-2001 overlay that I was looking for! :smiley:


Looking for a Sega CP overlay for their HOT-2005 (2L12B) panels.

Primarily looking for the NOU-2001 that looks like this:

But I’ll also take any other unbranded (non-cabinet-specific) Sega one, like this one I saw on eBay (not sure of the model number to this one, if there is one at all):

Will need to be in perfect shape; I’ll be applying it on a HOT-2005 plate.
Prefer to buy from within North America; the only online stores I’ve found it for sale are all based in the UK; shipping costs are prohibitively high to this side of the Atlantic, unfortunately.

If anyone has one for sale, or can point me in the direction of someone or some store that has them, please let me know!

I’m located in Montreal, Canada. Thanks!


Try Jason hicks. He has a forum here for stick cases and super guns. He does cabinet repros too.



Yeah, I’ve seen Jasen’s stuff, he does quality work.
However, his stuff is printed on vinyl, and I’m hoping to get a printed lexan that’s a bit more like stock overlays.

I’ll keep him in mind as a plan B, though. Thanks for the reminder. :slight_smile: