Found out a new Ultra 2 Setup/Combo



Apparently if you roll and press HP to land the overhead, you can combo that into ultra 2. This is useful when they are knocked down and you do a max range overhead setup and hitconfirm that into U2


You can land U2 from normal jumpins and Stinger. That’s not new, but still useful information.


Yeah the overhead has crazy hitstun


Air Raid is +11 on hit or something wild, EX Air Raid is +8. Both allow you to raw combo into U1 or U2 (7 frame start up on each)


Idk if anyone said this yet but counter hit into Ultra 2 connects


Thx for the insight, maybe read threads before you start posting.


Ye Air Raid is 11 on hit.

I dont have the data on EX Air raid but if the frame advantage is less than regular then thats kinda fucked up


Kind of but not really. EX Air Raid is a 20 frame overhead (compared to regular Air Raid’s 30 frames minimum) that you can fully control and still combo directly into cl. HK or U1/U2 raw afterwards. EX Air Raid is -3 on block though, so you gotta watch out about getting predictable with it. Really strong tool right now though!