Found out why Daigo has been out of the tournament scene lately


This ****** Daigo on some gay shit now peep game:



this belongs in the video forum. However I do love the good old 80’s sax riff.



Who else thought this was going to be a bad tsunami joke?


daigo looking suspect


Raises hand

At least the video was semi-helpful to me, the links on the side had Mindless Self Indulgence which I forgot about.


Real talk. That under the lip piercing is WILD HOMO.


So? Since when are the Japanese known for their manliness?




Captain Marvelous is pretty cool, I was going to say manly but eh…that is debatable.


Since when is the average Japanese male known for their manliness?


My money was on a sex tape


This guy is actually quite funny, lol @ the dog dubstep & red carpet vids


One Night in Nuki