FOUND: Please close this thread

EDIT: My hunt is officially over today! Moderators, if you’d be so kind as to close this thread, I’d appreciate it a lot. :tup:

Now that my good friend Ketchy Kech’s hunt for a Sanwa FLASH 1 has ended, it’s time for me to start my own conquest! :badboy:

As the title states, I’m looking to buy a Sanwa FLASH 1. Truth be told, I really don’t need the whole joystick. All I’m interested in is the optical PCB, the HS-ASSY component of the joystick. You’re MORE than welcome to offer the whole joystick though so long as it’s got everything I’m about to state below. I’m open to any offers, but I’m specifically looking for a FLASH 1 PCB or joystick assembly that’s almost entirely complete. In other words, it HAS to have:

  • The actual HS-ASSY PCB (I mean, duh!).
  • The original 3-pin voltage wiring harness that isn’t chopped to pieces; I’m hoping that it has more than a foot of cabling left.
  • The PCB cushion ring set; the plastic ring and the rubber ring.
  • The original Sanwa FLASH 1 yellow dust cover; I won’t be a stickler about whether it’s still got the protective coating so long as it’s not stained and nothing’s rubbing off anywhere.

The rest of the things, in other words, the 5-pin joystick wiring harness, the FLASH 1 sticker, none of the bells and whistles really matter. All I want is everything that pertains to the joystick itself. If you are willing to include the Sanwa 5-pin wiring harness though, that’d be awesome since I’m out of those at the moment. :xeye:


I’m looking to buy one of these for roughly $200.00 shipped but since I know how rare these things are and how fickle the going rate for them is, I’m willing to listen to any reasonable offers that you want to throw at me. But don’t try to throw a high ball at me and ask for something outrageous like $300.00 since I’ll just ignore you.

I hope someone can help me out here! Thanks in advance SRK! :tup:

Go go go!! Good luck on the hunt ikagi, hopefully it isn’t a long one.

i would also like to tag along with your conquest… good luck, and let the best man win! (jk, if u find someone thats willing to sell an extra, im up for grabs on it)

good luck on your search ikagi-chan. i just may have to start my own thread eventually.

Thanks for the kind words fellas. I do hope I land one of these things. Ketchy Kech’s success inspired me to start the hunt after all. Maybe some of his miraculous touch will rub off on me. :lol:

haha no touch!! just…luck…I think, haha. Yes, goodluck, i have a feeling one will pop up soon…

Got the ASCII optical. Find me a non-boot SamSho V Special MVS and the trade is good :smile:

hahaha, ssvs mvs :stuck_out_tongue: apparently its just as rare, game is really hot though ~

  aw, man this is becoming general talk again, ok ok , im done!

Still hunting for one. Here’s my first every-other-day bump.

I’ve got a wonky Sanwa Flash…if i remember it gets weird doing diagonal left…I would like it fixed but dunno how to go about that…just pray my other one doesnt fail on me. maybe it could be of use to you.

If he’s not intersted how much?

He would have to replace the led’s. That just means you optics are going bad. You could replace them if you could find the part that fits. If you do find them post it up.

Remeber to unplug your opticals when not in use.

I removed the stick from case and put up for safe keeping. Is there anything else I need to do to unplug optics? Also where might I find some new optics? If I could fix it I definately would keep it but I may not be technically inclined to do so in that case I would sell it but have no idea for how much at this point. Some pics here I just took of the flash in question:

jon_dojah, expect a PM soon. Also, are you the guy who owns the Namco Arcade Sticks modded with the Sanwa FLASH 1’s? That’s freaking awesome! I so wish I could shake your hand right now. :lol:

I was talking about the stick you have installed. As long as the Flash is plugged in, it draws power . So to add to the longevity keep the one you are using unplugged. About the LED’s ive been looking for the too. You should take a pic , send to digikey and ask if they know which model they carry that will replace them. Then, once you get them , its a small(literally) soldering job. Let me know if you find them or want to sell yours. One of my flashes is doing the same thing :frowning: Its also sitting away on a shelf)

Do you have any flash stickers or parts your willing to unload, PM me or something.

BTW. kick ass colloection you have there!

yea thats me…had a friend who used to work at Capcom then moved to Red Octane to help design the original Guitar Hero guitar build it for me. I think I spent $100 for each modded namco stick. back then if i knew they would be discontinued i would have bought more as it has the best feeling for a fighting stick

sorry no stickers…he put them on for me only because I asked otherwise he would have forgotten…hope you can get ur flash working good again also

jon_dojah, just posting to say that I’m awaiting a response. I hope to hear from you soon. :bgrin:

I’m still looking for offers though! Please do hit me up since jon_dojah’s Sanwa FLASH 1 may turn out not to work at all or that I might conclude that I can’t fix it. I’m counting on you SRK! :tup:

Man Ikagi-chan, I didn’t think I would have to start my own Thread so soon.

Haha! Not quite yet jdm714. I’m still hunting for a working one! :lol:

Well, it’s been 2 days so here’s another bump. Still looking for one, everybody!