found please close

Workin on a project for my cousin, she wants me to build her a stick for her bday in may…

What I’m looking for:
Compact case tall enough to fit the jlf, 8 button preferred but if its custom 6 plus 2 on the side are ok
If its a custom case it needs 3 holes plus 1 for neutrik but 2 plus neutrik will do

Looking to spend no more than $50 shipped but can negotiate

Just need the complete case/plexi if applicable no buttons, pcb, or stick

You should check out Art’s Hobbies and see if his TEK cases fit your needs.

maybe this? WTS : ChImp board and Seimitsu buttons

I know about the tek cases… And she doesnt like the SE I’ll check out the tek cases and how color options work out

I can do one unfinished in poplar for $50 shipped if you’re interested.
PM me with details. :slight_smile: