Found, please close


Anyone have one for sale? Shipping would be to Illinois (60563).


people are unhappy because they dont have them yet. I am sure the stick is fine, however I would suggest going and buying a pad and padhacking it so you can make it yourself.


Lol good luck getting someone to sell one to you.


People who preordered early already have them.


Hey, thanks for your best wishes and wonderful contribution!


What he means is that only that small amount of people have them. They aren’t widely available and thats what has people annoyed. Good luck tho!


i need one asap


I have an ultimate pin edition if you’re looking for that.


HEY MAN WHAT’S WITH THE SARCASTIC REMARK?! I wished you good luck after all!!!1


i need one of these asap does anyone have info on where i can get one please. I thought Gamestop was suppose to HAVE THIS BY FRIDAY


Never mind. Not eligible to sell here, yet.


I never opened mine, and I live in chicagoland. Not really looking to make $ on it, paid 220 after tax. Let me know.


still got it ? are you looking for anything ?


Just looking to sell it, are you interested? Still unopened and available.


no thank you i got one myself but thanks anyway


I was supposed to get one of theses sticks at a local store but they never got any in, If anyone has an one let me know.


I do. Brand new, never used or taken out of the box. Let me know.


Sorry I have already found one, thanks for responding though!


How much are you asking to ship to Maine?


I’m still on the hunt. Im in the chicago area. Any available?