*FOUND* Please close

EDIT: Found 2 candy cabs. :tup:
Now that I’ve got the cab, I want a 3s arcade board.

EDIT2: Found a board for sale.

Guess I might as well ask this…

Am I better off looking for one on the neo geo forums?

I’d imagine you would mostly find neo geo style cabs on that website if you can’t participate in a group buy. But If you can participate in one I’d say do the research and go for it. I’m pretty sure when you get in on one of those you can request a machine with that button layout.

yea there are mostly sticks sold here on neo geo they sell mostly cabs and everything you could possibly need for them

Maybe try finding the info to arcade owners out in LA and ask if they have any extra cabinets lying around and would be willing to sell?

Gah…almost had a cab ready to buy but the damn seller sold it before I could get it.
Gotta get this up again…

I have an Atomiswave SD.

I might just buy a cabinet from matsu,
but I’m gonna see if anyone has anything cheaper.

In other words, BUMP.

Lol, I just bought mines from Matsu last month… do you know what cabinets he have for sale right now?

Even though his price is a little high at times, he’s a very great seller.

Well, I’m not sure about his whole inventory, but I do know he has an Aero city for sale.

He’s asking $500(little too high for an older cab IMO), so I’m trying to see how much an Astro or New Astro city is gonna run me.

Hopefully he hasn’t changed his prices in a few months considering he was selling an Astro City for $400 five months ago.

EDIT: How much are you looking for that Atomiswave SD? I didn’t even realize you posted until now.

Hey bolt, I know it’s not a candy cab but if u check my tradelist out there’s a Dreamcast cab that u could make useful. Let me know.

Thanks for the offer, but I’m not a fan of woodie cabinets.
Well, I do like the look of the Neo Geo cabs, but I’m not looking for one right now.

BUMP for topic change!
I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to delete this and start a new thread.
So go ahead and delete it if I gotta make a new thread, mods.

BTW, does anybody know where third strike boards are sold in Japan?
My bro is currently stationed in Osaka, I believe. I could have him buy it and ship it to me.

Also does Capcom Japan still revive dead Japan carts?

What is the difference between an Asian CPS and a Japan one. Also, do PCBs have a battery in them? And if yes, when they die where or how would u replace them?

I’m not sure of all the differences, but I do know that some voice samples like “Shoryuken!” are missing.

The PCB doesn’t have a battery, but the security cart does. The battery usually last around 5 years, but will last longer if you play the game more.
To replace it, you gotta remove the case for the cart, put it in the PCB and start the game up.
Then you gotta desolder and replace the battery while it’s still on.

Or just read this guide for a battery explanation. http://members.multimania.co.uk/dangspot/Parts.html


It’s ok to bump WTB threads right?


Coinop Express recently got a kit in. It’s pricey but I haven’t seen one for sale anywhere in quite a while. Heres the link


someone link matsu’s stock? plz?

is he that guy who has pictures of cabs up and selling them?

That’s way too much, IMO.
There’s another Japanese version I’m looking to buy going for around half less than that.
I would get it, but there’s also another auction with all 3 CPS3 street fighters ending soon.
I don’t know whether to go ahead and buy the more expensive one(which I’m 90% sure I can win) or wait and see if I can get the other (plus extra games) for less(if I don’t get outbid) .

I don’t think Matsu has updated his site in a while…
Anyway, you’re best bet is to email him. PM me and I’ll send you his email.