FOUND: Romance of the Three Kingdoms X

I swear sometimes that my family is big Romance nuts, and I’m no different. About 6 months ago, I finally dived into the latest Romance(11) and find the game disappointing because since I’m not fond of the RTS gameplay of 11, I figured that I’d do a little research about X, and found out that X has the same style of gameplay as VIII(my favorate Romance so far).

Since the game is damn near impossible to find, I’m putting this ad up. I’m looking for the game in NTSC U/C format, and the game must be in playable or better condition. Now I don’t care for the manual, although it’s a plus, but I do want the case.

Willing to pay $25-$30 shipped for it.

Edit: must be willing to take money orders, since I can’t fully use my paypal account.

I got a copy. I’m not looking to sell it but I might be willing to trade it if you have anything interesting to trade for.

What are you looking for? Right now I won’t be able to get to my collection because someone in the family was in surgery, and it will take a few weeks for recovery.

Found!!! I found this puppy today quite by accident(I was looking for KOFXI at a area gamestop).

Please close.