Found some old school Strategy Guides

Getting ready to move, I found some old boxes that had some strategy guides in here. Brought back memories of working at Electronics Boutique and buying these for .99 each lol.

Those Darkstalkers guides look interesting. Will you ever put them up in PDF for cats to check em out? I would love to see the art.

those are really sweet. what sort of information do they have? i’ve never really seen a fighting game strategy guide before.

That’s not a bad idea actually. I just don’t have the time with moving and a wedding in 2 weeks, but I’ll definitely do it when I have the time. The “Jeda’s Damnation” one doesn’t have an art section but the 1st one has about 12 pages of character art and Night Warriors has 22 pages of art and a mini making of section.

Are you scanning them in? Never seen that SF3 New Generation one before,so scan that one definitely!

They go through the characters different attacks…standing, ducking, jumping, etc. Goes through combos. Some have a beginners, intermediate, and advanced section. Its kind of a FAQ with pictures and story lines etc. They are pretty cool.

Wow, I too, want to see the SFIII New Generation one.

I remember those SF guides! :slight_smile:

I remembering seeing the Night Warriors guide on sale in GameFan magazine and wishing I lived in the US. The excellent magazine preview by Nick Rox made that guide look like a gift from the gods. Please scan!

Still have the HF and the SF3 guide. Never got the others. HF was the better guide though. Especially the matchup guides for some of the more popular matchups.

OP must deliver with scans!

Me neither. That would make for an interesting read.

is that sf turbo guide the one with watson and people in it?

someone placed 4th in some tournament and gamepro called them cheap for using zangief

I still have the SF2 Turbo HF guide and the Alpha 3 guide. I think I still have the original SF2 guide (not pictured) as well.

I fucking loved the SF2 Turbo guide. That shit taught me everything from crossups to tick throws, Bison corner trap, etc.

Like Shin mentioned, the matchup portion was awesome too. I remember it being super expensive for a magazine back then. Like 10 or 15 dollars (?). I just remember having to beg my mom to buy it for me hahaha

a3 guide is hella shitty!

1.based of ps1 ver.
2.every combo is j. HK,s.HP,super
3.v-ism aren’t even listed,maybe a generic paragraph in the front page about v-ism.

i still bought it tho like 2 years ago for like $3. ;p

I know Jeff (LaAkuma) was one of the main writers for the match up section in the SF2T book.

The SSF2 guide was the one that had watson I believe (also co-authored by Graham Wolf)

Then the A2 guide had like all of the OGs writing strats for all the characters.

i used to have a tekken 3 guide written by valle i believe

it was awesome. had a section at the end that described a EWGF as a random occurance

the Nightwarriors one has a lot of excellent art and scans, I still have mine and the Alpha 3 one around here somewhere