Found the perfect material for metal control panels

It’s really sturdy, easy to cut and file (I believe it’s 1/16" aluminum). . .

and before people say anything, My dad got the sign from a metal recycling facility that he sells tires to. I didn’t steal it.

1/16 is a little thinner than i like to work with but if it works for you thats all that matters. Myself, I prefer .090"-.125" aluminum.

opips2 did for his! :rofl:
(looks like the images are down now though)

Stick looks like it’s gonna be cool, dude.

it should be pretty cool. im just trying to figure out how to get an xbawks 360 PCB to it into it. its gonna be packed. the inside dimensions are only 8" x 5.5" x 1 1/4" or so.

there’s probably gonna be a 1/4" thick piece of MDF under it so its plenty thick for me.

surrrrrrrrrrre ya didnt, its ok… well still love you :wgrin:

now thats tight

I’ll remember who to look for next time when I rip another sign off of the ground with my Coca-Cola truck.

I think it would be cool if you used the sign for your stick’s art. Like have the no u-turn or whatever that is on top. I would make one with the “slow children” signs.

i tried it, but it it didn’t look right. i think i might paint the main box with duplicolor MIRAGE magenta/gold and the metal with MIRAGE ice. would be uber gaudy though.

It would be even cooler if he used a similar style but made the figures resemble SF or whatever fighting game characters crossing the street.


I’m serious about that too.

Instead of “beware of children crossing the street” it’d be “beware of fighters brawling in the street” or “beware of fighting in the street” or “beware of street fighting” or something.

Opips did it.


I take a sign handicapped park. lonely a pole! :wgrin:

for some reason im not surprised. :rofl:

lol Opips man your crazy, I love it. :tup:

Panda how did you get the metal to be shiny like that. Im pretty sure it was scuffed up and full of dirt and grime when you “confiscated” it lol.

I can see CNN reporting about this ^_^.
They should make a movie: “Stole signs for make benefit glorious custom arcade stick”

hey have you guys ever checked out it’s a fabrication site where you can design and get anything made. they’re based in new jersey. it can be a good alternative if roads signs are scarce heh.

what did you use to cut it btw?

i sanded it with 320 and then used some steel wool on it. i’ll probably end up painting it or something though.

a 4" cutting wheel.

You actually tried ordering from them before? They be spendy.