Found this on Yahoo Answers? Fake or real?

I found this link on #capcom

"Baby or Abortion? I need to take a decision?
I’ve recently become aware that my girlfriend is pregnant. I, however, feel that I am not ready to be a father. For the following reasons: I am a pro-gamer, who will be on the 2nd season of WCG Ultimate Gamer. In the coming months I will compete in tournaments. Therefore, I feel that I need to practice more to improve my SSF4 skills and soon to come MVC3. For these reasons, I want my Girlfriend to have an abortion. What do you guys think? After all I am pro-gamer. Thanks! "

:confused: Baby or Abortion? I need to take a decision? - Yahoo! Answers

haha hahah ahahaha

“After all I am pro-gamer” <— LOL

Do The Dew :cool:

SRK: We da best:

man everybody knows Daigo will trade a loss for a new baby

If only he was a Smash player.


Guy isn’t thinking long term, look at the big picture. He’d have someone to train with, the baby will be a total noob for a few years but so are all students. One day that baby will grow into a child gaming prodigy $$$$$$$$

exactly. People are stupid these days. Look what the Williams sisters dad did, as well as Tiger Wood’s, or Wayne Gretzky’s. Give your kids kickass names, and train them daily. They don’t need to know about other aspects of life, just what you train them in.

I’m naming my kid North Coast Daigo Wong, and stapling a controller to his/her hands the moment they pop out of my wife’s vagina

Awesome! I haven’t thought of a name yet but HE will have 7 scars on his chest.