Found what I was looking for, close please


Was gonna mod my Wii SE but I’m too scared of screwing up on artwork application, so I figured I’d gut it and pop the PCBs into a TE to make my life easier and just sell the SE shell.

In exchange for the TE case, I can give any combination of the following:

  • TVC SE shell (artwork peeled off, metal panel slightly scratched from cleaning, start+select buttons, start+select PCB, rubber feet, no turbo panel, PCB, button distro board or wires/cables)
  • Sanwa black bat top with adapter (came with my Atrox, slightly used)
  • Hayabusa black ball top
  • A spare JLF I had lying around (white balltop, standard black shaft cover and dustwasher)
  • Cash/Payment through PayPal

Local meetups preffered.