(FOUND) WTB: Candy Cab (Missouri)


I’m planning on putting together a MAME cabinet, and I’d like to find a Japanese-style candy cab for it. I’ve never looked into the secondhand Japanese cab scene - these things are kind of hard to find around where I am…

I’d like something like a New Astro City, but I’m pretty easy: as long as it’s in reasonably good condition and has a 2-player control panel with 6 buttons a side, I can probably deal with it. I’m in Columbia, MO, but I can likely come and pickup anywhere in the MO/IL area if I need to. I’d like to find something local if possible, as shipping seems heinous on these things, but if necessary I can probably work something out.

Thanks a lot!


Decided to go through Matsu from the shmups forum. Shipping will still be a bitch, but less than the alternatives. Shame I don’t live on the West Coast…


My friend went the same route. He’s waiting for it to arrive ATM.