How’s the gameongraphics (used to be mamemarquees) overlay work at covering unused holes? Can you feel a dip if you run your hand over it?

I didn’t push on the holes at all, so there are no visible impressions. You can’t see that there are empty holes under there from just looking, but if you gently run your fingers over the art you can tell there are empty holes since there is no plastic to stick to underneath. They have some strong material that they use over there.

Sorry in advance for not being interested in your items, but where do you look on their site to get custom printed art (SE Templates)?

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They didn’t have templates when I ordered, I just uploaded my art, sent the measurements, and they sent nicely cut art. But that was when they were at I don’t know what the deal is on their new site though.

Pendinggggg !

Sold. SRK always helps me in my time of need. :tup:

Now all I need is a Femme Fatale PS3 stick in NEW, MINT, or LIKE NEW condition. Please hit me up~!

Bump. Still looking. I know there’s one out there.

Check in the Northwests WTS thread. Post #907

this post?

That’s actually the comic-con edition stick. I’m looking for this one:

Thanks, though!

oh shit. my bad.

Nevermind on the stick. I really don’t need it, it’s just a really strong want :rofl:

Updated Original Post with new wants.


found em. close this thread please