Such a stroke of bad luck : ( I managed to screw up my Xbox 360 pcb; so I need a replacement ASAP. Please let me know if you have a spare Xbox 360 pcb for sale. For PS360+ I will pay full price + shipping for it, just as long everything is still functional. I would buy from online retailer, but they are all sold out on PS360+. Any 1 plz help me out : (


Bump, still looking. I’ll settle for just the 360 black TE turbo panel (not the whole pcb, just the plastic housing sitting above the pcb). I have the clear grey panel from the SCV te, if u want, I can trade it for ur black one and pay for ur shipping. If prefer to sell, please pm me a quote for shipped price, thank you.


Is the clear panel for a PS3 or a 360 PCB? I do have a black turbo panel for 360 that I can trade or sell depending on what panel you have.


Its for 360, I can buy or trade, up to you : )




Replied : )


Updated, looking again