Fountain Lady May Sue Mall after Video

Fountain Lady: ‘Nobody Went to My Aid’

People really want money any way they can get it now it’s sad… guess it was the fountains fault.

The mall should sue her for messing up their fountain.

No Texting & walking should be a new law too…

co sign the SHIT out of that, fucking hate it when people do that lol.

It’s too bad people weren’t chucking pennies at her head, while she was in there.

THEN she might have a claim.

As I see it.

They should collect all the fountain money & give it to her to buy a helmet!

lol mall security

Fuck that - I don’t want people’s wishes getting jacked for this retard.

People who believe that wishes come true from tossing a penny in a fountain>>>>>>>>Int. than this broad.

Little 6 year old kids walking by while playing their DSs were laughing at her.

As I see it.

lol she has a case, its just funny as hell. lol@ the mall security guy whos obviously gonna be fired for this.

Its a shame she didn’t drown

You mean she “is” a case, as in “head case”, don’t you?

-7 points for Darwin.

As I see it.

That mall’s only a few minutes from where I live. If only I was there to see it personally… XD

headcase or not…its not like it was a dudes camcorder. it was the mall security tape, meaning a mall employee jacked that shit, took the time to edit it and probably convert it…doubt mall security tapes are in mpg.

does she sound retarded on purpose??

You mean, like… non-intelligent design?

As I see it.

This could be a reason for the lawsuit
from Jan 20 - Water Fountian Woman in court this morning on theft charges

Also lol at I was texting someone from my church at least try a better lie

lol oh damn hahahah

1: This bitch is too stupid to live.

2: No case, lawyer just ganked her cash for his fees, and probably didn’t even let her know she would get laughed out of court.

She should just take the L and move on with life… The fact that she is trying to sue means that more people are gonna find out about it and even more people will know about it that didnt before…

I thought it was funny the the guy who was interviewing her said “Thanks for being a good sport about this” right towards the end.

How the hell is her suing being a good sport about it? lol…

I would fall in this category. I click on this thread thinking “who the fuck is fountain lady.”

Everyone fucks up at some point in their life, but this bitch is trying to tell/show people about her fuck up. You fucked up, it was funny now move the fuck on. Instead you want to show the whole world you fucked up? :rofl: