Foursquare users/non-users, win a $25 Best Buy gift card

I’m on my last semester of school and I need to finish a final capstone project in order to graduate. My research topic is on Foursquare and its challenges in fully penetrating the social media market because of privacy issues and relying on other social networks like Facebook and Twitter to gain or maintain users.

What I am doing now is collecting usage data from foursquare users and even non-foursquare users. This short Google doc survey has about 15 questions, and at the end, you can enter your e-mail address to enter yourself in a chance to win a $25 Best Buy gift card.

The link to the survey can be found here:
Foursquare usage survey

Your responses are greatly appreciated for it will help with my graduation and further research on Foursquare. I wish you guys luck in winning the $25 gift card!

Foursquare? Like the game with the 4 squares and those awesome rubber super bounce dodge balls? Man I played the shit out of that game in Middleschool. That game was crazy cuz it was played all across the country but every school region had their own set of rules an shit. I remember in AZ No Chicken LEgs was like an auto rule. You didn’t even have to call that shit.

foursquare was Smash Bro’s before there wa sSmash Bros but man I loved the shit out that game.