Fox News Station in Denver Airs a Penis while Reporting Helicopter Crash in Seattle


This is fucking hilarious.

Warning: The video that this links to is NSFW if your job frowns upon exposed Donkey Schlongs.

Here’s the NY Daily News report of it:

[details=Spoiler] A Denver television station reporting on the helicopter crash in Seattle showed its viewers some images that were far more graphic than intended.

KDVR-TV had a camera pointed to a computer screen during its “Good Day” morning program that showed a picture of the famed Space Needle building. But then the screen started showing other pictures on Twitter including Edward Scissorhands, a cooked dish - and then a giant penis poking through a man’s zipper, according to video on Deadspin.

“That’s Edward Scissorhands, so we’ll just … [X-rated picture appears] … just ignore that,” anchor Kirk Yuhnke said on air.

The two anchors at the end of the set immediately covered their mouths in horror as their colleagues continued on.

“And so a lot of people are obviously following it on Twitter and we’re going to be following it here on ‘Good Day,’” Yuhnke continued with a straight face.

“Horrible situation,” said his colleague Brooke Wagner.

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Female on the left in the blue… Her reaction is pretty much: “Got more dick pix?”


Brooke Wagner?.. really?


What a dick move!


You’re only supposed to splice a single frame of dick into the video, jeez.


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Tyler Durden, is that you?


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Man, people on the internet are such dicks.


No one had to be much of a detective to see that.


Look like she had a brief orgasm LOL

How do you keep a straight face as a newscaster. Not even a chuckle


Her forecast went from parched as the sahara, to monsoon season.


The lady on the left is hilarious lol


He doesn’t even pause, so it’s probably his :rofl:

just putting out there ladies…


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I am surprised no one started laughing lool

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Dude penis went viral, must feel like a boss. I bet he got a lot of hits on his facebook page.


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I thought there was supposed to be a delay in these news casts to prevent these kind of things from happening? Didn’t a news station accidentally show someone shooting themselves in the head, at the end of a car chase, a few years back? Where are their failsafes?


They’re middle-aged and a little dim when it comes to “newfangled technology”. Generation X and older keeps me employed in the IT biz. But CNN and other big news networks, wisely, screen their tweets and other social media stuff before airing it.

Lady in brown almost licked her damn lips before she caught herself.