Fps drops vs dhalsim sfv [PC]

Hey guys I’ve been playing sfv on PC since release and i’ve always had a problem that when i’m vs dhalsim I get pretty big fps drops when he uses anything from his fire moveset and I don’t believe I should get any drops at all based on my computer specs, was wondering if someone here had a better idea of what it might be or maybe if it is something to do with my specs?

Windows 7 64 Bit
Nvidia GTX 960
i5 2500k @ 3.30 ghz 3.60 ghz
8GB Ram

playing at 1920x1080 on medium settings.

I was previously using a GTX 670 and I upgraded my graphics card thinking it would be the problem but seems its something else.

You shouldve gotten an AMD Card. My r9 290 runs it without any drops at 1440p.

I was told to try an amd card before I upgraded but I’ve never really had problems with Nvidia in the past and put it down to the fact that my 670 was an old card.

If you had checked the PC specs thread on the sfv Forum you wouldve noticed that pretty much All Reports of fps drops come from nvidia users. You could try Upgrading to Windows 10 though.

Yeah in hindsight I really should’ve looked, to be fair it’s only vs dhalsim I have these problems but it’s still annoying, I would but I use a razer atrox xbone stick and from the reports I’ve read it doesn’t work on windows 10

don’t upgrade to windows 10 that is just stupid and won’t improve your frames. the problem is your cpu, you’re a few generations behind. try assigning high priority to the sfv.exe in windows task manager after you start it up. it might stop the drops

One reason you should upgrade to Windows 10 is for Direct X 12.
Win 7 and Win 8 isn’t getting Direct X 12, So far there aren’t games that require DX 12 to run, but with games that takes advantage of DX 12 you get much better performance, especially with games taking advantage of multiple Physical CPU cores.(that Hyper threading junk with Intel is not getting the performances it should.

That said Windows 10 can only do so much, OS upgrade isn’t a replacement for new hardware.

Sfv isnt a CPU hungry game though, and an i5 2500k should be sufficiënt. Theres People on i3 s running it at 60 fps.

Try turning the post-processing settings down.

yes i am surprised. he’s not running it at max settings. for comparison, my computer has the same exact specs except for a 3570k instead of a 2500k. and mine is not oc’d or anything i don’t get any frame drops even with dhalsim.

did you buy any of your computer parts used by chance? do you keep any programs running to monitor temperatures of the gpu/cpu?