fps tier list?

to the fps community on srk… what are the five best first person shooters of all time in your opinion?
and I dont mean for their time.
i mean games however old or new that are considered the most skill based today.

**EDIT: **You can download Quake3 live for free at quakelive.com. Simply register and you can instantly play it without activating your account via email. If you’re new to the game (like me) you can access the practice rooms before playing against anyone. This game is just too fun.

I’m registered as SXP.


for multiplayer at least

  1. CS 1.6
  2. Quake 3
  3. Unreal Tournament 2004
  4. HL1DM
  5. HL2DM

Hmm, my list are some favorites of mine, in no particular order. Not only basing this of skill requirements, but also what I’ve played and had fun with.

  1. Quake 3
  • Q2, Q4 and Quake Live were also quite fun, but my <3 will always go to Quake 3 cpma.
  1. Counter-Strike 1.6
  2. Unreal Tournament 2004
  3. Painkiller
  • This game was a lot of fun to play and watch. Lacked a big community I suppose? Anyway, I still remember watching Fatality vs VoO in CPL finals. :smiley:
  1. Americas Army, version 2.0 and below
  • This one is just my personal one, since I used to play it very competitively a few years back, with loads of great memories. Combination of slow paced strategic shooter and fast paced CQC. Sadly got patched into shit later on.
  1. Doom 1 & 2 & 2.5
  2. Quake 2
  3. Halflife 1
  4. shrug
  5. Zzzzz
  1. Tribes
  2. CS 1.6

Cs 1.6
Halo 2

This is all you need. Maybe some ut 04.

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Lots of Counter Strike love…

I don’t see the appeal. It’s just a camp fest with grenades flying everywhere.


There’s a lot of reasons why 1.6 is great…all of the competition maps and guns are balanced (with the exception of cbble), and the unforgiving nature of the game makes smart play and positioning/strategy very important. It’s incredibly fun even when you’re camping…you can feel the tension as you anticipate what the other team is doing. There is little to no randomness, so in a scrim the better player/team almost always comes out on top. If you watch a top team like SK or EG their teamwork/synergy is just incredible. Quake has it beat in terms of the brutal learning curve and aim/reactions required to be good, but if you want to play a challenging FPS where smarts are required, CS is your game.

CS 1.6 and Source pre-2007, tops. The fact that you need Steam to play it online is fucking stupid. This prevents from grieving and other shenanigans.

Bottom tier shooters are popular franchises that had their udders milk til they were dry. i.e. Halo, CoD, Medal of Honor.

Quake 3/Live, Painkiller, TF2

I guess I don’t like it since I am more fond of twitch shooters (Quake, Unreal). The camping slows the game down.

I have a lot more fun with TF2 than Counter Strike. I actually tried to get into 1.6 but then I realized how bored I am with military shooters.

No. The lack of items in CS is what makes it a dumber game. It obliterates the real map control element which is 99% of strategy in an FPS.

CPMA is best with Q2 in second.

Honorable mention to an FPS no one else ever played called Axis Arena.

play gungame


i’m pretty much the best gungame player of all time


BF2 is up there somewhere.

lol I don’t think you played CS 1.6 at all.

Regardless everything else is a baby’s game compared to Tribes. It was, is and always will be the best FPS. If you disagree you’re probably an idiot, born in the 90s (and so were too young) or are terrible at FPS.

I played enough of it to know that I don’t like.

And yes, Tribes is an awesome game.

Unreal Tournament 2004 & Team Fortress 2 are my fav’s! :smiley:

Damn. I was hoping to come into this thread to see someone to say something like Modern Warfare 2 is the best ever… then reading the hilarious comments bashing that person.

Only 1st page so maybe it will come.

The folks here actually know what a good FPS is though.

Modern Warfare 2 isn’t one of them.