Hi guys !

Just a few words to present you a new tournament that occured this weekend in Riom (France) : 2X GAMES : PREMIERE

The history of this event is, there is a new bar/gamecenter in this little city and the manager of this bar felt there is a population requesting a 2X event in this place, so he did it. He put so much energy in this that we thing this event will probably go on every year in autumn.

This event included 2 tournaments :
Team 3 vs 3 KoF-like, no loser bracket, FT1
Solo with loser bracket FT2 & finals in FT3

Results & streams :
Solo : http://challonge.com/2xgamessingle
3vs3 : http://challonge.com/2XGAMES3V3
Streams : http://www.twitch.tv/players_dadoo/profile/pastBroadcasts

(sorry I couldn’t find the list of all team players, the replay of the 3vs3 is not available yet)
TAGUEULEROBOCOP : Zarghatt + Marinstech + Ueihttam
TEAM NAROK : NTSC Narok + NTSC Indy + NTSC Abdess
HANNEMAN : Hanneman with 3 characters (had to play with Old Yassine and Veloluffy but they didn’t come)
CHANTE-LOUBY : Dadoo + Bendess + ???
ARVERNE FIGHTERS : AF Linkexelo + ??? + ???
YEAH BITCH ! : ISIMORN + Warninge + Clownesk
GOMEZ&TAVAREZ : Voxan + EvilDindon + ???