FR12 shout out thread!


I still haven’t gone to sleep yet! I’ve just got all of my tv’s and cab’s back to the crib. I have so many shout outs to give out but I’m too tired to do them right now! Right now I will just say “THANK YOU” to the community for supporting FR12 this year and past years! I’m still hyped from the tournament and I can’t sleep! I’ll post more shout outs after I get some rest! I’m already thinking about how I can make fr13 better than this years event!

PS-ive been up since 7:30am on sunday!


Worked all night, then drove a few hours and played all Saturday… FTW. Well worth it.


Thanks for putting fr12 together larry!

ny marvel is a little beastly!

and good shit to atl tekken/sc crew, especially ricky with all those damn tekken mm’s


great job to everyone in the staff, it was nice to meet you shinb.


:pray: fr13!!

I glad I went to it…met some new and old people again…had fun to

shout outs -first off im gonna give a shoutout to Larry and his close family and friends for putting it all together and helping out with everything, tournament directors,retired players coming back staff… and the celebrities

Kyrtal’s for giving me itis induced sleep
NBA JAM mm’s…you had to be there
Neo’s Stand-Up comedy
playing TVC for the first time and winning a MM in it…
DG for the SNK madness (ace,jdash,SH,shiki,etc.)
King Mirrors in Tekken
my traditional donation to ricky (no clint assist)
YU trying to spit game at someone else’s girl (dumb)
50 plus DQ’s in street fiytah fo

there’s to many to name…I had a good time chillin…it was great to get away from it all…


Awesome…FRXii was just awesome…SF4 finals was off the meter


Josh how did you fare?


larry thanks for FR the funniest on one yet. your blanka and honda are good and scary. cant wait for some casuals wanna see were i stand.
MAX 50 more fucking cents good shit in marvel. were did eddie and joe stand havent seen the results up yet for it.
grego gg’s and adam warlock cool finally meeting you. also skitz gg’s and to bad we couldnt finish our match, next time.
juan and neto good shit.
ace uno teach me that game son.
marn fuck you.
demon hyo cool meeting you and joe.
nice seeing you again wong.
branh thanks for the free money but you was scared to mm
eric v good shit and to east point mike GOOD SHIT! clint and the whole east point crew holding shit down. ice cool to see you again. earwig or something like that damn he is good at that snk stuff. anyways to many ppl if i left you out sorry but gg’s everyone
oh epicdemic what happen i came back didnt see you or drew?shidosha cool seeing you again.also chadd tell them smashers fuck you this the A.

one last person scrub from PR gg’s in tvc till next time. scrubs friend was dancing some spanish dance while slaping branh up in alpha3 to funny


Good Shits

Alright, this is going to be a tl;dr post, but I got a lot of people to thank:

Good shits to:

DS: Without your assistance I probably wouldn’t have made it through the weekend, let alone make it to Day 2 of the SFIV tourney. Your Rog has top 8 potential, and you’re right- I do need to hit up NY sometime and level up some more. Let me know if you’re up for the SoCal Final Round Revenge Tour!

SK: Thanks for the pointers with the Ryu/Gief matchup, and for letting me keep my shit in your room on Sunday. Yeah I need to keep cool while playing tourney matches, all the hype swirling around makes it difficult though.

fatherbrain: Thank you for taking the time out of running around with the universal remote to let me hang out with you for breakfast at the Awful Waffle. Still can’t believe they can’t get tea right. Also, thanks for the Italian, it was delicious.

Brahn: Nice meeting you, tough break with the money match, level your shit up and run that shit back!

NKI, nohoho, and damdai: The Holy Trinity of American ST. I was hoping you guys would keep Wong out of the money in that game, looks like he knows too damn much. :sad: Oh well, finally getting to play you guys was educational. Looks like some more blog reading is in order.

Dark Geese: Good shit on generating hype for all the SNK games. Everybody was going crazy over the Garou finals. Maybe I should have dusted off the B. Jenet after all…

SuperFX: Good seeing you again Paul. Hopefully we’ll get some games in at the STL tourney coming up…

Ronin: Finally got to see the man in person, and lived to tell the tale. Thanks for the ride from the airport sir. :tup:

BobSmack: Good shit on running SF4 on no sleep. You’re a stronger man than I am.

ShinBlanka: Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to school me with Bison in Alpha 2.

Dataika AKA THE PROFESSOR: If there was anybody who I wouldn’t mind peacing me out of a tourney, it would have to be you. Thanks for the Rufus pointers, as well as the SoCo and Sprite. I hope they let you on the plane :rofl:

Epsilon: Good shit on coming back from losers in almost every game and doing well.

DevilJin01: Good shit in Alpha 2, I still feel I scrubbed that win out. I might have to pick this game up again though so I can learn how to actually land CCs…

Iceman: You are very fucking patient with your Rog, made me beat myself. Thanks for the schooling sir.

Everyone who paid ten bucks to enter SF4 and didn’t even bother playing: Thank you for your donations. Without you, Final Round wouldn’t be possible. Well, maybe it would, but every little bit helps, right?

JWong: Good shit on winning almost everything despite rolling through at the last minute. Also made time to mack on the white women, even though they all looked like jailbait to me…

Mike Ross: Thanks again for the pointers, maybe I’ll be good enough to take down your Honda someday… nah :lol:

Finally, a big thank you to everyone else I met and/or played at the tourney (Lil Kong, Andre, Jordan) as well as everyone who helped make this tourney possible!! Hope to do it again next year!

If I forgot you, it means you’re a fucking scrub. Either that, or I just forgot and I’ll return the favor.


Shouts out to everyone! Im glad I came and got to meet everyone. I will definitely come next year…not as just a spectator but as a competitor. I want to defend this house!


I had an incredible time at this year’s FR. I have to thank Larry and all the staff, they did a wonderful job dealing with such a large event. The hotel was pretty cool about things too; I guess they are used to us by now! :rofl:

I didn’t get to meet as many new people as I would have liked, but it was good to meet the few that I did. I saw a lot of old faces, though. It was good to see you all, looks like everybody is doing well. This trip reminded me how many friends I have made throughout the years.

I have to send a BIG shoutout to all my NC heads, you guys really made the trip special and I thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with you guys on Friday/Fri. night. Great meeting some of the newer guys I didn’t know. Thank you all so much, each and every one.

Thanks also to Harry, who I roomed with and had a good time drinking and hitting the Chinese food court with. I appreciate you rolling down with me!

Congrats to the winners and placers. Sorry I couldn’t stay for Marvel - but I had to get on back to Durham.

I was the black guy wearing a navy blue Chevy baseball cap with a gold Chevy symbol.


**My Final Round trip was cut short unfortunately, but being from Ga, I wanted to thank Shinblanka, Ronin, and all the folks that put this together every year. It’s good to see a big fighting game scene around these parts. I get TONS better at games when i’m able to attend Final Round from just playing good players and sitting down and talking about a particular game in depth. Something we don’t have going on in Macon so thanks again. And thanks to all the out-of-towners that make the trip to support it every year.

Congrats to all the placers/winners too.**


big shoutout to everyone, especially all my peeps!!

another big shoutout to my boyz in da south! great chillin, great event, i had a blast!

grats to justin and gootecks for having an insanely awesome grand finals that i didn’t get to see. :wink:

glad to see a strong showing from the north east! dc/md/va, pa, ny, nc (if they count as north :wink: ) i’m working on hookin it up, up north. just gotta iron out a few complications cough cough

thanks to everyone down south, midwest and west for coming out!

it was great seeing everyone! all the familiar and new faces too!

hopefully will edit with more specifics when i’m done with work for the day.

your friendly neighborhood bartending photographer/director

ps: if anyone finds my watch (fossil) or small camera (black canon), please pm me. i’ll pay shipping and throw in some extra cash (people know that i’m a bit generous). it was last seen on the 3rd floor


Raph here, the zangief player

Larry - I can’t imagine what kind of sacrifice you made to run Final Round this year after losing your job. Thank you for running my favorite major year after year, and thanks from the whole Atlantic South. You got me good in ST my gambles against Ehonda did not pay off this time.

Kyah/RoninChaos/Icege - Really good job on running SF4 while having to answer people’s questions too. Very tough job and it shows how much you guys love the community for you to do that job.

NKI,nohoho,damdai - That was cool playing HD in our room and getting to hear your guys opinion on some ST related things that I thought were wack. Sorry about not being more of a challenge I will go back to leveling up my ST after I learn a bit more about SF4.

Jeff - Sorry brah I don’t play people on xboxlive that aren’t on my friends list. (xboxlive tag in profile)

Team Bum’s House - HI GAIS! Matt if you keep calling zangief ugly then I will tell the REAL zangief about it and he will come to your house and make you explain. BTW [media=youtube]8uIBRApifR4 and[/media]

Mike Ross - I enjoyed playing against a big name in the SF4 community, and you are a nice guy and not a douchebag. Got to learn about fighting Ehonda so thank you for that. Was a fun tournament match.

Augusta - HI! that sucks that sora couldn’t go

MPR/Omni - Good job on your placings in the HD qualifier. Omni I need to play against those shotos on SF4 some more I’m not sure what to do against them like I do on ST.


Shoutouts to everyone, it was great to see all the regulars.
Also… is that -the- isaac graham? that stuff was too funny.



Have you guys ever met THE MICHEAL ROSS?!?!? What an amazing human being he is, such a down to earth type of dude he is my hero. He told me he’s going to post his diary online OMGZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Mad shoutouts to everyone i saw though, its been too long since i’ve been to one of these. Gotta train up for sf4, i make a long shoutout list later. SUPER <3 to larry, i can’t even thank you enough for making these events happen every year


My shoutouts:

Larry: Thanks once again for running Final Round and sticking to what you do despite being an “outcast.” I am glad to hear the possibility of FR 13…because this one was the best one yet IMO. Also thanks for allowing the SNK games to get the spotlight on the Big Stage. I think the best two Finals were SF4 and Garou MOTW hands down. Too bad couldnt get Justin vs. Ace on the big screen but I’m working on that for Phoenix at my SNK major!!! I will surely see you next year!

Steve H: Good shit in everything you did, good shit holding it down in the SNK games…but I couldnt let you win 98UM again like you did at Seasons Beatings III!!! :rofl: I was a man on A MISSION!! Good shit in 3s too…though I barely play that game good shit lol. I got your cell now so I’ll be contacting you when I send the Sam Sho Anthology.

**Earwig: **Yo man you know whats up good shit holding it down in 2002 UM. I had a LOT of fun playing. I’m gonna head back down to ATL to play with Norm soon I’ll let you know when I go back down there.

Ninjamatt: Man I wanted to get some more games in but I was in THIRD STRIKE…lol. Yeah I had a match vs. STEVE HARRISON lol. :rofl:

Justin Wong: Good shit Justin winning SF4 and handling your business in the other games. Keep it up…you are an inspiration to many people. Now when we gonna get those SNK money matches yo??? You know you looking at your alter ego in the SNK realm!! :rofl: :rofl: :wgrin:

New people I met: I met so many new people but I dont remember their names gotta shout out to them too!

CooCoos: Yo keep your head up and keep playing yo! You get better playing better people so keep on playing! We shall meet again! :nunchuck:

Fatherbrain: The God of technology- The reason everyone got playing stuff in their Rooms in addition to helping me solve a very FRUSTRATING situation about my tvs and laptop… Thanks a lot man!

Mr. Best Buy: Put him and Fatherbrain together and you got your technology people! This guy also knows his shit when it comes to the technology!!! Thanks for all the help!

**Mavrick: **Yo I surely wanted to MM you in Fatal Fury Special but that shit didnt happen. And I wanted to MM you in Sam Sho II also even though Calm Warrior won. But hey where else do you go do you go to the other Majors? If so I surely wanna make this shit happen! Good shit in Sam Sho II holding it down and being patient with Charlotte!

Calm Warrior: Good shit nice meeting you! You got skillz in KOFXI keep up the good work you and Blaze! Now…next tournament you go to let me know I want that Pimp Cup you got for Sam Sho II!!! Also since it seems Flash is interested in KOFXI we gotta get some more play!!

**Return of Shiki: **Thanks for letting me room with you and getting me and Tech to the bus stop early. I’m still recuperating now! I wanted to have that Fatal Fury Special money match but I also wanted to be at my best see (meaning well rested). So don’t worry I’m gonna see if I can make it to IC in April so we can finish what we started. Good matches overall and its CLEAR you have come a long ways overall…good shit in Sam Sho II remember what I told you about Charlotte!

Tech Romancer: Nice meeting you man too bad we didnt get to play but you know the deal. We will get to play don’t worry…I just wanna make sure I aint too damn tired from the day so I can focus.

**Deadly Rave Neo: **Good shit in Garou, Sam Sho II, RBS etc. What is the next tourney you are going to? We still got a lot of playing to do and I wanna catch you when I ain’t tired from a long day of tournaments lol like I told Shiki and them so that when we put Money on the line I’ll be 100%. So keep me posted when you are going to be at the next tourney or whatever.

Ace Uno- Good shit on Garou…you and DNyce gave the crowd all they could ask for in Garou MOTW Grand Finals AND MORE. That shit was epic yo…serious you guys thats worth getting the Final Round XII DVD alone yo! Sorry couldnt get you vs. Justin but yo like I said Raging Storm 2009 at Devastation…where the best Garou MOTW players in America will be…you can have at Noc, Giby, and Justin all in the same location! Check this out Ace, I may postpone my El Paso major so I can put up a bonus pot for Garou MOTW so as to entice not only Justin but others as well to give it all they got for Garou MOTW at Raging Storm 2009!!!

D Nyce: Good shit in Garou, 2k2UM and other stuff man. Yo you need to enter more SNK tournies serious yo…you gotta come out to Devastation 2009 with that Hokutomaru!

JeRon: Good shit in the 98UM. Sure we didnt get to run the money match back but hey we will do it again in the future. So for now keep the $5 you owe me no biggie yo. Get on that 98UM and tell Arturo he better watch out because I’m only getting better week after week after week! If you all come to DEVASTATION you are gonna see the best 98UM players on the West Coast hands down…so be prepared!!! $500 bonus pot for 1st place in 98UM.

**FR Staff: **Thanks everyone for working together making shit happen, working with the SNK Stuff, food, planning etc…since I’m on the staff lol I know this shit goes unnoticed but due to the fact I do a lot of work too believe me to me it DOESNT!

Stone + Violet: Thanks for entering the SNK tournaments!!! I hope to see you guys again I had a lot of fun! Hey are you going to DEVASTATION 2009?

Lobelia Prime: Nice meeting you man didnt get to play you but now at least I know who you are right! How was your first Major experience???

Norm the Storm: Keep at it yo you got skills Steve Harrison the Second Coming…

Sexy females: Yo there were some sexy females out there don’t know your names but yes some of you occupied my attention away from my SNK games…make no mistake about it…I couldnt focus hahaha :rofl:


Shoutouts to shinblanka for running an amazing tournament and all of the champions/players that attended. I cant wait for FR13. Lets start and built the HYPE!!!


Dude, i’m coming next year, ain’t nothing like no last-minute BS stopping me this time, i’m ready for WAR!!!


So, no shout out to me, the one 3 of the 4 SNK tourneys? lol :rofl: