FR17 Interviews By SP: A Look Inside The Heads Of Some Of The Gamers That Attended FR17!



My name is SCOTT POPULAR. Tis a pleasure. I’ve have been a member of SRK for a long time and I do a number of things for several gaming communities. This past FR, I was ask to conduct some interviews with some of the people that attended the event. Each of these videos have there own unique and positive message about our community and the people within. I’m am very proud of the staff I was given to work with and the people we choose to interview.

Please enjoy the video below and feel free to share them.

If you have any questions please contact me here or on FB.

Day One Interviews: Filthie Rich, Lolita Bot, Ryan Hart, LoloMX & Corrondo25 and Combo Fiend

FR17 Interview FilthieRich Vs. SP "The State Of The FGC!"

FR17 Interviews: Lolita Bot Vs. SP "Cos-Playin’ & Gaming AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!"

FR17 Interviews: SP Vs. Ryan Hart (Before The Win)

FR17 Interviews: SP Vs. LoloMX & Corrondo25 Soul Calibur V Winner’s Circle Discussion.

FR17 Interviews: SP Vs. Combo Fiend "From Budget Gaming To Working At Capcom!"

Day 2: (Coming Soon)


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