FR6 Results


Anybody there that’s reading this please,post what’s happening.Who’s winning,who’s losing,whatever just please!Post what’s happening.I want to know!Go ALT.South!


Good idea! I know that Michael Infinite has that little little palm computer thing he can get on the internet with.

If you see this Michael post some results man!


Marvel Resutls

I got these results from a friend of mine…

  1. Josh Wigfall: Magneto Teams.
  2. Gorrilla Forilla : Magento Teams
  3. Erik “DBS” Johnson : Magento Teams
  4. Justin “Blaziniflo” Zhou :Team Scrub
  5. Brian “dj-b13” Tataka : Magneto Teams.

Gainesville definitely represented full force.
Good job guys :wink:

Josh vs Gorilla was a battle! Gorilla beat Josh to send him to the losers and he fought his way back to win it!

EDIT: Teams used, I heard Josh used MSP, and MSS. I know Gorilla probably used his MSP, and MSC. DBS uses MSP and MSS most likely. I’m 100% sure Blaziniflo used Sent/Cable/CapCom, and dj-b13 used MSP and probably a bunch of other teams.


sounds like hella rush city…

the real battles willbe tomorrow

3S !!!

see ya’ll tomorrow



go gorilla and dj-b13!:smiley: :cool:
hopefully someone is taping this so i can buy the tape…:evil:


Did cvs2 happen today or is that tomarrow??? If not then who won cvs2??:evil:


bahahaha spyro and whiteknight would have won for sure


Woulda coulda shoulda woulda booda blabba blah they should have went faggy!


This is Gandido at Cano2k’s house. Before you say anything, why don’t you shut the fuck up and wise up to the situation? The guy who was helping us with the tickets has a serious health situation.

And for the record, Spyro beat Josh Wigfall 2-0 at NEC.


Whoo! Great job representing Mike, Erik and Justin! BTW who is Justin Wigfall? I’m honestly not all too familiar with him. Where’s he from? Regardless, congrats to him for getting 1st place!

Can’t wait to see tomorrows 3S results, I’m really rooting for Colin Caldwell!


ZING! :lol:

Good job wigfall


Josh Wigfall is from NY, one of their top players I believe. He’s also a Magneto user.


Ah I see.

Thanks for bringing me up to date, much appreciated.


Goodjob Florida peeps, I hope theres some footage of this stuff. Is CvS2 tomorrow then?


Marvel Resutls

Say do anyone know what happend to mike(mixup), what place did he get. And justin how in the hell did u get 4th place lol:lol: u must have been practing very hard but anyway good job man.
Also good job erik and brian I wish the New Orlean crew would have came but everyone kinda backed out at the last minute, I guess I’ll see everyone at ECC8.



Mixup wasn’t present… although someone who looked like him placed 2nd.


Re: Marvel Resutls

Gorilla Forilla = Mike Mixion.



josh is focking magnus…


This is Furby.

FOr the PR ppl saying that Spyro would have won, just because Josh lost to him at NEC3 doesnt mean he’ll lose to him at FR6. 4 months is a long time in the tournament scene…

  • Arturo


Furby, it’s still me (Gandido) at Cano2k’s. I understand that people can change, but I was reffering mainly to WHY they didn’t show up in the first place. If you look at my reply to Prozen, you’d see what I mean. I already talked to you first hand about that, so there’s no point in going around it here. But still, it would have been nice to see those matches and see how they went. Would have been hella interesting. 4 months is indeed a long time.

NOTE: I just saw Omenchild’s post. Even though he is in PR, I have NO CLUE who this guy is, so I don’t share his visions all that much.

And good job Josh for taking that shit. Props to mixup (Gorrilla) as well.