FR8 Update

Edited to include all results that I know of.
(Not sure everything is 100% correct)

1st Justin
2nd Joe R
3rd Wigfall
4th Mag-X
5th Veg-X
5th Eder

1st Justin
2nd AznHitler
3rd Jamarvelous
4th Danny L

1st Alex G
2nd Tuan P
3rd SSJ George Bush
4th Marneto

1st Buktooth
2nd Justin

1st Watson
2nd Justin
3rd AznHitler

1st Buk
2nd Justin
3rd Ashley
4th AznHitler

Don’t know T5 or ST…

damn good shit david hold it down for people playing z-ism!!

Don’t we have some sort of full standings?

Winners Final: Buk beats Justin
Losers: Ashley beats David
Losers Final: Ashley/Justin

1st Buk
2nd Justin
3rd Ashley
4th AznHitler

ST in progress…

Go Buk!!!

w00t Buktooth!

good shit champbell

boot munchin

Good ol’ Diago, the mexican CvS ruler :rofl:

Not only was he an awesome artist, but also played a mean game of Street Fighter

it’s DAIGO


Just to plug in a hole from FMJaguar’s thread (thanks btw), Raph “SSJ George Bush” got 3rd in #R.

Final Round 8 was off the chain. Thanks for coming folks.Justin Wong…it was awesome to meet you for the first time…remember what i said about those haters “F.D.S” Clint,Killa and all the other ATL members thanks for reppin the south in Tekken5…Texas has to bow down and show us some respect now… To everyone else see ya’ll next year at FR9…don’t be afraid to come round here yuh heard…just no crying :sad: this time please… :clap: Holla atcha boy…SYN_187 the "MASTER MIND OF THE COMMUNITY BEATDOWN. :karate:

The full results should be posted if not tonight probably tomorrow. Congrats to all winners. Thanks to Konsole Kings for coming thru. Thanks to the staff of Final Round also.Peace and hair grease…“wait until you see what we have in store for next year.”

please tell me this is NOT the last year for CVS2

Buktooth, congratulations

maybe next year everyone will have their own stick (including me)

ROOM 201

if anybody wants to play, people are always hittin up my house. I live in lawrenceville…like thirty minutes from Atlanta.

word on the streets (AIM) is that buk is a diiiiiiick!

did justin rep p-groove like a soldier again and parry like twice per eight matches??? :wink:


Final Round 8 was fantastic. I won’t go into the big details and praises for everyone, but I’ll say the staff did a damn good job holdin down the tournament and making it the best tournament i’ve ever attended. And yeah, Justin is a damn good player. But Buktooth, I gotta run that CvS2 team of yours. Good shit. :tup:

Well I know where the full results are at. Jinkid is losing his touch.

WTF? We sent like 7 people to FR8 who placed like 2nd or 1st in most all of the games, only to Justin (NY), Watson (CA), and Alex G (FL).