There’s alot of debate over what version of GGXX should be played at FR9. Some want to play Reloaded and some want to play slash. I made this thread so you guy’s can choose.

Larry I say we throw both. I will throw an unnoficial tourney for whatever game doesnt get the most votes… Unless people really just dont want it. I think tho people are going to be upset if it is Slash tho… But they should voice their opinion… Perhaps Im wrong…

Oh I voted for Slash btw hehe…

see how well i will do in this new one… not very well i’m assuming

reloaded will bring out of towners better i would guess b/c of the familiarity issue, but slash will be out soon in america right? plus with 2d fighters newer is not always better, but in this case I think sammy is better than capcom on the new fighters not sucking issue!
I"m undecided now even though I posted slash earlier in the fr thread.

All of this is a mute point if slash isn’t released before FR9, but that is a good idea jeff.

Keep up the votes people.:looney:

Thanks for the poll Larry, good job.

I voted for Slash because it’s the latest version. I think it’ll be good for FR9’s image to be up to date, and honestly most GGXX players are ready for a new game. A lot of the votes for #R in the pre-reg thread are by people who don’t even play GGXX, didn’t register for GGXX and are voting based on a general argument. I sympathize with the familiarity argument, but keep in mind no one has really had a chance to play Slash in depth yet.

Lastly, I think on principal the latest version of a fighter should always be used as long as it’s been proven to be better, which Slash pretty much has been overseas.

=|… Whatever. kombatfreak is a tier whore. He only wants Slash because of Ky. LOLOL jkkjkjkjkjk! <3

I vote for #Reload, only way I’ll come anyway. =|. Slash isn’t going to be out long enough. Oh well, just one less player. Who cares!

:sweat: eddie

slash should be as much fun as reload.

Hey Marn, you know you and I are cool and have no beef. I just wanted to point out, look at the latest vids of SBO qualifiers for Slash - NO KY. In fact, there’s more Eddie than Ky. I think people overreacted to Arcadia’s article, so far it’s not even proving to be true. Tier whore whatever.

People always complain about how the Japanese get the latest version of a game before us. Now that we have a chance to play the latest version of the game, and at a big tournament no less, all of sudden you want to play the older version?

Also, what’s the point in having a tournament for an older version of the game? The winner proves he’s the best at an outdated version of the game, which no one will play henceforth. Good job.

I down for slash…

it should be more balanced…
:arazz: :confused: :sweat: :annoy:

Sega will release the weapon fighting game Guilty Gear XX Slash for PS2 in Japan on April 13, 2006.

So ya if it is Slash I hope everyone enjoys the one week of practice they have(thats if it isnt pushed back at all)… . If there is no reload tourney, I can imagine most people just not going honestly. Do we still have to poll this now?

I imagine this changes alot of peoples votes. It certainly changes mine from Slash to Reload. Say we find out one week before tourney time that Slash is pushed back 2 or 3 weeks or that we cant even find the torrent online. Its all to lose to base a major tournament over. Mike this is silly really… I thought we would have at least a month to practice. Its to tight…

Say what? All joking aside, people seem to have me labeled as this hardliner with some sort of agenda. Like I said, I’ll support the tourney whichever way it goes, but try to believe a little.

You say people will begin to change their votes, but look at the latest poll results. People DO want Slash, and they voted so when we thought the release date was April 20th. April 13th? That’s actually a week earlier than we thought it would be, I think that makes the chances of it coming to FR9 better, not worse.

Lastly, I don’t expect anyone believe me until you play it for yourselves, but you don’t need more than a few days to adjust to Slash. I got Ky down in a few hours, if anything you should be able to learn Ky’s changes just as fast if not faster than me. People exaggerate how much time they need to prepare, and I think it hurts things sometimes.

And lastly I guess I’ll just state my personal opinion. I’m just bored of #Reload, it’s an old game, and won’t even be the official format after FR9. Look at all the other majors going on, at least MWC and ECC have already confirmed Slash tournaments. I think for FR9 to be stuck on an older version would make the region look behind. Especially when other majors are already using Slash.

EDIT: Repost from other thread.

I vote reload, if its slash I will definately NOT come!! Mike is the ONLY one who has played a good bit of slash, thats just not fair:( you seem to REALLY want slash mike…I wonder why?? : P the only reason the other majors are having slash … is because they’ve had a cab of the game for months…and if we DO have slash, we wont have enough time to adjust before the tourney starts, besides the people who imports the game and stay up all night in the hotel. We also have people who dont really play too much or havent had a lot of exp with the game, voting for slash!!! THATS JUST MY 2 CENTS everybody has a right to vote so dont take anything I say the wrong way plz

And sure enough I don’t take it the wrong way. Just please read some of my other posts. I’ve tried my hardest to put up some legit real reasons why we should have Slash but people just go on thinking what they want to think.

You honestly think I want Slash because it improves my chances? If there’s one thing I learned from playing Slash it’s that the game is NOT THAT different and it won’t give me enough of an advantage to win the damn thing. I don’t think the time I played Slash is even enough to give me a top 3 placing. The people who’ve done well the past years will do the same, count on it.

And yes honestly I really do want Slash, but it’s more because I think the community needs to move on, it has nothing to do we me caring that much about winning. If anything it’s the people who vote out of familiarity that do so because they think it improves their chances.

But you know what fuck it, no matter what I say everyone is just going to think I’m pushing Slash because I’m selfish and want to win. Obviously I don’t give a fuck about the greater GGXX community, and getting people interested in the game again. Gee, it’s so healthy and Miami and South Carolina obviously play the game so much still. Let’s get real people: interest in GGXX has been dying fast over the past year and people are tired of #R. None of the big scenes down here still play.

Tell you what Keith, you say it’s just your two cents, but your tone of voice says otherwise. Actually I’m pretty pissed that you accused me of that, when all I see is a way to get people interested in this game again. How about we have a money match, 2 out of 3, in #Reload.

In fact, I’ll challenge Jeff to a money match too, since he can’t make up his mind. Everyone tells me you’re bored of #R and all you talk about is wanting Slash and then you go and pull this. Play me. I don’t care what version of XX it is.

WOW…just wow! not even gonna waste my time with someone that gets so pissed over something so stupid, I PUT A SMILE FACE TO INDICATE THAT I WAS KIDDING MIKE JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!! I saw that people were giving you heat about it so I decided to say something to just mess around with you and you go and take it the wrong way. Thank you for reminding me why I quit playing in the first place, consider me off the list!

Calm down fellas…the tourny is in April…things will work out on their own.

Wait, so you saw people giving me heat so you decided to mess around with me? Please tell me where the logic is in that? Forgive me if I took your comments out of context, but don’t you think it’s natural given the circumstances? Fairly speaking there’s no way I could honestly tell you were joking.

And if you feel like you have something to prove the offer still stands. A match to prove I’ll play either game. You want to be the better man then don’t lose your temper like I did. Show me what you can do.

I screwed up by taking the focus off the poll, Raul is right, we’ll just let it take its course from here. I’ve said enough.

exactly!!! there is no way you could know I was joking, so why are you commenting on my “tone of voice” WHEN IM TYPING!! your the one that challenged me so apparently YOU have something to prove mike, bottem line is I have a diff opinion than yours and you dont like it!! I hate to drag it on but, there is something wrong when I have to tell you your being childish mike.

Both of you or all of you need to take it easy. Keep in mind that no matter what guilty gear it is, I’m still the Beast and I’ll take on anyone who thinks otherwise. Forget fighting each other, concentrate on ME winning this year. I’ve been studying and practicing with Anji so much that my fingers are trying to reject the game. But I say “FUCK THAT FINGERS! YOU TRAP UNTIL YOU CAN’T TRAP NO MORE!”

So worry about the game when it gets there…in fact, don’t worry cause I’m gonna win!:arazz:

btw. Keith, make sure you bring lester down here. It’s time for the best of 5 for $10 Anji vs Anji! Bring it!:lovin:

Fair enough, I’ve already admitted to some degree my attitude was wrong. I’m willing to bury the hatchet on this one if you are. I’ve always considered us friends, I would prefer it if that didn’t change. At the same time friends don’t always get along and certainly are allowed different opinions.

I suppose I put the challenge out there because I feel like I’ve been accused of using Slash to my advantage. If anything I want to prove that I’m perfectly fine playing any version, and that includes #R. To a certain extent I was also hoping it might motivate you, but again that was just me being stupid and going about it the wrong way.

Bottom line though, the Southeast Guilty Gear “scene”, if we can even call it that anymore, needs a kick in the ass - and new game is one thing that would do it.

So to put this to rest, I apologize on the grounds that my attitude was immature, and the fact I took focus away from the polls. I just hope the other points I’ve tried to make aren’t ignored.