Frame advantage on hit doesnt add up?


In the strategy guide I’m having a bit of trouble understanding the Frame Advantage on Hit section…

For example, Cap’s stars & stripes L supposedly gives -27 frame advantage on block, -25 frame advantage on hit. The block makes sense, but doing some testing in-game if you hit an opponent with stars & stripes I have not had issues of the opponent having frame advantage.

Another example - nearly all of Ryu’s specials.

How could these moves have such a huge frame disadvantage on hit but not cause issues in-game? There wouldnt even be a point to use them if your opponent really had that much of an advantage on you?


If you can cancels those specials into super, suddenly no disadvantage! But I don’t know much about Marvel, so.


While that’s true, the part I’m having trouble understanding is that these moves do not seem to leave me in danger upon hitting with them, as is indicated by the advantage on hit being so negative.


For one thing, the advantage is calculated assuming the move hits on the first active frame. That means a fireball, or a move that moves the character forward like Charging Star or TK Overdrive are only as negative as the data says at point blank range. For Stars and Stripes, there honestly should not have been any frame advantage listed on hit, as the move causes a soft knockdown.


See, I definitely did not know that stars and stripes knocked down and that it moves.


Okay that makes sense. Doing a bit more browsing it seems that many of the moves that knockdown are listed as being at a disadvantage. Very strange.



The marvel guide frame data is technically for a pre-release version so certain details are off.