Frame advantage on jump ins

I notice when I check my frame data for my character there is nothing for frame advantage on block and hit on my jump in attacks. Can someone tell me why? and how this all works. Is it the same data for every character?

it’s cause it depends on when you hit your jump-in attack. a jumping attack that’s hit lower to the ground will have more ‘frame advantage’ than a jumping attack that’s hit higher cause you’re closer to the ground and therefore will recover faster. that’s why there’s only hit/block stun on jumping attacks.

Oh ok, that makes sense. So more block stun for heavier attacks basically?

Kind of. You have hit stun on a jump in heavy attack which is why it’s so easy to combo off of jump in HK, but you are left at a disadvantage if they block a heavy attack, which is why Gief can piledrive a blocked heavy jump in.

I think that’s right.

yes, there’s more hit/block stun for heavier jumping attacks compared to light jumping attacks 99% of the time (haven’t check every jumping attack so idk for sure, but it usually is in SFIV).

ok this makes more sense now, thanks guys

If the jumpin is deep and you follow it up with a or something, Gief cannot piledrive you. He won’t leave blockstun.

No. Heavy jump attacks have both more block and hit-stun than light jump attacks. A light jump in attack is rarely safe, but heavy will be, unless it’s very shallow/early.

You can jump after a blocked HK (anything normal really) every time vs Gief UNLESS he absorbed the hit with an RBG, of which Giefs typically don’t do that to jump ins.