Frame Data and BPM


recently I’ve been trying to get a feel for the frame data when practicing and I’m going wrong somewhere. What I did assume was this:
[]Startup+Active+Recovery == Total duration of move.
]The game runs at 60 frames per seconds.
[]Pressing a button immediately begins the move.
]The timing to input a link is pressing the button, waiting for the total duration of the move, then pressing the next button in the link.

Some of that info is wrong, I think. My experiment is Yun’s crouching medium punch, which can be linked, The frame data lists it at 5/4/6 for Startup/Active/Recovery, meaning the total frames the move takes to execute should be 5+4+6 == 15 frames.

The game running at 60 frames per second, that is 15/60 or exactly one fourth of a second that the move takes. To practice, I set a metronome at 240 bpm (beats per minute), which is 4 beats per second. so they are 1/4th of a second apart, and tried hitting the button in that rhythm. However, this is where it falls short, it’s way too fast.

Afterwards I tried doing it intuitively and 138 bpm seems a good approximation for the link timing. However, here’s my conversion formula for frames to bpm:

3600/frames == bpm

Putting in the 138, it shows that that’s about 26 frames. This, to me, makes no sense. Can someone enlighten me on the subject?

There’s something called hitstop or impact freeze in SF. Most people don’t know about it because they’re retards.

Also, in SF4 frame data, the last startup frame and the first active frame are actually the same frame. So a move with 5 frame startup actually hits on that fifth frame. This makes it easier to use if you’re just looking for links, but if you want total move duration you need to subtract one frame from that. So Yun’s total frames for are probably 14 on whiff. On hit or block, it’s probably 25. Maj probably knows how much impact freeze is on moves for sure, but I don’t know for SF4.

Try using 257 for practicing on whiff, and 144 on hit.