Frame data and throwing questions

I have a much better understanding of frame data now, but I still have one or two unresolved questions.

1) Blocking doesn’t ‘cost’ any frames, does it? The reason I ask is because if it doesn’t, then I don’t quite understand how Adon’s s.HP can combo into c.LP. His s.HP has +2 frame adv. on hit and his c.LP has 3 frames of start up, so that means he would be at -1, so surely while the opponent may not have the option of executing any normals, he would return to neutral quicker than Adon and be able to block, right?

2) Ok, the following both refer to you executing a normal that has -3 on block and 0 and hit:

Situation A) The opponent blocks, then does a normal that also has 3 frames of start up - *do you have time to block? *(I know if you try to do that normal again, you’re going to lose, right?)

*Situation B) *Your hit connects and you follow up with the same move again, but your opponent also throws out a 3 frame normal at the same time - what’s the outcome, do you trade?

3) Do throws beat anything that starts up in 3 frames or more or only (3 frame) jabs? If you had a Super that came out in 3 frames, would the Super come out on top or the throw?

That’s all I have for now, thanks :slight_smile:

  1. You would not be able to combo adon’s close st.fierce into a jab unless hit it meaty. That is, you don’t hit with the very first active frame which would make it +3 or more on hit. You would also be able to combo the jab if you hit it as a counterhit which gives you more advantage on hit. If you hit adon’s close st.fierce regularly then no you would not be able to combo a jab afterward.

2)If you hit with a move that is -3 and the opponent then uses a move that has 3 frames of startup then you will get hit if you are in range to get hit. Keep in mind though that your opponent would have to time their attack as a reversal and hit their move on the very first frame possible.

situation b) if both players hit the button at the same time on 3 frame normals then a trade would MOST LIKELY occur. I say ‘most likely’ because sometimes even if moves have the same startup, different hitboxes might cause one move to beat the other.

  1. Throws will beat 3 frame normals if executed on the same frame. If a throw and a normal become active on the same frame, the throw will always win. Throws vs. supers on the same frame, the super would most likely win due to invincibility.

Thank you very much for that prompt and thorough response :china:.