Frame data blocking oddity/question

I’ve just been perusing the frame data for Akuma and have noticed that instead of the usual ‘H/L’ on how to block, it says ‘0.9’ for Ultra combo 1 and the Hyakki Gousai (Demon flip > throw). I’m guessing that this number actually refers to how much time you have to react and avoid the move?

This came about me trying to find a way to counter/block Akuma’s Demon flip>throw - what can you do about it? Do you just have to take it? Can you tech it?

No, thats not time, it is a range.
You can just crouch the demon flip throw and jump the Ultra.
For his super you have to be jumping before the superflash, because it is instant.

Ah ok, so does that if you are within that range, it’s essentially unblockable? And does the 0.9 correspond to the number of squares on the training room floor?

It’s a true throw, it’s unblockable. Unless you’re in recovery, you can always jump out before either of these two moves hits you (the super can be guaranteed if you’re not jumping before the super flash).

It might be training mode squares, but I’ve always just thought of it as an arbitrary number because there’s a HUGE difference between 1.0 and 0.9 throw ranges.