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Hi guys.

I know I don’t post around here much so the lot of you aren’t likely to know me, but I’m trying to get myself out there and help this community as best I can. To that end I’ve taken my skills at analyzing and crunching numbers and dumped them into this blog.

It’s still really new but I wouldn’t be posting it here if I wasn’t committed to updating it regularly. The purpose of the whole thing is to break down frame data on characters for people who don’t have the time or understanding to do it themselves. I more than welcome any kind of feedback or suggestions, and the topic of the next article is still up for debate as well, so feel free to shoot me ideas or questions.

Thanks for your time,


just a little thing for people out there with iphones… theres a mvc3 app with all the frame data on it, and it’s free


is it updated for ultimate?


is it updated for ultimate?


…I found this being really useful.


probably not, but I would imagine it not being too different


Quite a bit of frame data is still the same from Vanilla. That’s actually the reason why I’m trying to focus on the newer characters now that I’ve got a plan for the blog itself. Firebrand is in the lead for the next write up, but I’m thinking IF will come shortly after.


Isn’t frame data in the bible?


but the service he is offering is a TL;DR of those 2-3 pages of data. Plus, many players don’t know how to analyze frame data.



He is basically explaining you the god damn data, giving ideas what is safe and unsafe.

This guy should seriously continue his series as long as he can.


Thanks for the feedback guys. You can expect Firebrand as soon as I finish it tomorrow morning (which usually equates to 4am if I can’t sleep). Iron Fist and Frank West will come in the following days.


Seen I thought he was literally getting 60fps capture equipment and analysing footage frame by frame like we had to in the old days, just trying to save him some time!

Sounds great, nice to have an online source like this so your work is highly appreciated!


Gonna give this a love tap since I just finished the Firebrand article. Here’s a link in case you’re lazy.


HvH DLC has been killing me. XD

Anyway, just kinda bumping this because I was going to ask you guys if there was anything you’d like to see visually. I recently got lucky and was contacted by a graphic design guy (serious serious kudos to him) and he offered to help me out. But the thing is that I’m not super partial to any one look so I figured I’d ask the general public what they’d like.

I’m also working on a way to better organize the posts and the Iron Fist article will be up within the next few hours.


Keep at it dude, this series is really useful.


New article is up. I’m kinda new to SRK, but would I be better off posting in the character specific threads for this or is here okay?


You can post on other forums because you are basically explaining how safe the character is.


I’ll see about posting up in other threads, but for now this will do.

Also, Frank West is done.


Gonna give this a quick bump and some news.

Aside from the new articles that I’ve added and all that jazz I’m starting a new schedule/article. Come Tuesday I’ll be starting a frame data matchup article (with the usual breakdowns on Friday) but I wanted to ask the community what two characters they’d like to see this done for. So in this case I could really use some feedback from you guys moreso than usual.

Thanks for reading.


Keep up the good work faust :slight_smile: