Frame Data: Cancels/Links


I’m a bit confused when it comes to using the frame data and how cancels/ links work. For the next few examples, I’ll use E. Ryu and the frame data on the wiki (which I’m assuming is accurate).

Example one: linking cr.LP into cl.HP is a one frame link because cr.LP is +5 on hit and cl.HP has a 5-frame startup, correct? I’m pretty sure I have links down pact. The next question is the real problem, since it’s really hard and awkward for me to test.

Example two: cr.HP is -5 with 6 active frames and 23 recovery frames, which means that you have 23 total frames to cancel it into a special before the opponent recovers if you hit on the first active frame, right? (23 recovery - 5 from hitstun + 5 from leftover actives) If that’s true, would cancelling from hitting on the 2nd active frame, after a counter-hit, allow you to cancel into HK Axe kick and have it combo, since HK Axe has a 26 frame startup? I’ve always thought that cancels go from the first frame after the active frame that hits, otherwise cr.MK xx LK Axe would only work on counter-hit. I’m a bit confused on how cancels work.


recovery frames are when the move has finished, meaning that you can’t cancel them. (maybe with super, not sure)