Frame data comparison (invincible frames, power-up state info, zero-frame hypers, etc.)


Most of the data used to create the tables below was taken from the Bradygames guide. I haven’t done much of my own verification for any of the specifics, so if you spot any typos or bad info let me know.

Invincibility frame comparison:

  • START-UP (PRE-FREEZE): The number of frames between the move’s input and the close-up shot of the character.
  • START-UP (POST-FREEZE): The number of frames between the close-up shot and the point where the attack actually starts hitting. Anything with a 0 for this value cannot be blocked or evaded if the attack was already hitting the opponent by the time the freeze frame occurred.
  • ACTIVE: The number of frames where the move’s hitbox is active and can hit the opponent.
  • RECOVERY: The number of frames after the active frames but before control returns to the player.
  • INVINCIBLE FRAMES: The frames of the hyper where the character cannot be hit.
  • START-UP INVINCIBILITY: The number of invincibility frames starting from the very beginning of the move.
  • POST-FREEZE INVINCIBILITY: The number of invincibility frames starting from the close-up shot of the character.

A few notes:

  • For each attack listed, the last “start-up” frame and the first “active” frame are one and the same; this frame is basically counted twice for each move. The math may not look like it adds up for some moves if you fail to take that into account.

  • If all of the frames in a particular section of a hyper are invincible, I’ve marked them in blue for easy reading. Level 3 hyper combos are italicized.

  • The “beam part” of Strange’s projectile counter is the part of the move that initiates once the counter is successful. This attack and Dark Phoenix Rising are the only 2 hypers that are entirely invincible from start to finish. The only way to truly punish them after activation is setting up some kind of unblockable, inescapable situation.

  • “Post-freeze invincibility” is a value worth knowing for a few reasons. For example, even though Spencer’s Bionic Lancer has 11 total frames of invincibility, only 7 of those frames remain after the freeze. That means that if Ryu inputs a heavy Shoryuken (9 frames of invincibility) during the close-up shot of Spencer, Ryu will beat the attack cleanly. It also means that if you DHC into X-23’s Weapon X Prime, the move will effectively have 40 frames of invincible start-up because all of the vulnerable pre-freeze start-up frames will have been skipped.

  • If a hyper has no invincibility frames, it is not listed. Hypers that are only projectile invincible instead of completely invincible are not included. Counter hypers typically lose their invincibility on the same frame that their actual counter ability begins.

Zero-frame hypers

If any of the attacks on this list are touching you by the time they reach their freeze-frame, then they are guaranteed to hit. The exceptions are in the “Misc” list, since these hypers don’t actually have any attack hitboxes (except for Dark Phoenix Rising).

Utility hyper comparison

A quick cross-reference of different power-up states and global effects. Take note of the last column in particular. If a specific move on this list is giving you trouble and the opponent has more than 1 character remaining, you can snap them out to end their power-up entirely if you’re unable to finish your combo for whatever reason. (Astral Vision fireballs about to blow you up from behind? Might be a good time to snap it out and bring in the Doom assist.)

High/low hypers

Kitty’s Helper - Each cat pounce is an overhead.
Tenrai-Ha - First hit is overhead and physical; remaining hits are mid and projectiles. (I think.)
Steel Samurai Maya Smelting! - Last hit is low.
Death Penalty - overhead

Divine Instruments is no longer an overhead. (It was in vanilla MvC3.)

Haven’t thoroughly checked for more.


Arranged in this order:

  • fastest start-up (all of them appear to be 2-frames)
  • safest on block (can’t go completely by the numbers though; Ghost Rider is often safe due to distance alone)
  • most active frames
  • fewest recovery frames

There’s one thing I want to make note of: the Brady guide claims that Chun-Li and Hulk have snapbacks with 1-frame start-up and that Spencer’s snapback has 9 frames of start-up. None of this seems to be true, though. From a little bit of testing, Spencer’s snapback beats out moves with 3 frames of start-up, Chun-Li and Hulk’s snapbacks are always beaten out by command throws with 1 frame of start-up, and all 3 of their snapbacks always trade with other snapbacks that are performed at the same time for at least half a dozen other characters I tested with. I assume that the stated frame data for Spencer’s snapback erroneously swapped the start-up and active frame values, so I reversed them in the chart above (only an assumption, though). I didn’t test for anything other than start-up frames.

All snapbacks inflict 50000 points of damage and build 500 points of meter (minus the bar spent to perform them), with the exception of Dark Phoenix, who inflicts 60000 damage and builds 720 meter.

Other stuff?

Feel free to make suggestions.

Ultimate MVC3 Strategies/News Guide. UPDATE: Viper's S cancel infinite, Chrisis vs. Champ FT10

Neat, I think its frowned upon to post data tables straight up from the guide on SRK though.


Not to sound like a hippie, but, freedom of information maaaaan.

Still though, the Bible actually is mint and everyone should buy it for the sake of bettering the scene.


Thanks, once again it’s nice to have all the data compiled in one place. This is very useful for DHC wars. Thanks for compiling this.


yo for the sake of completeness you should consider including hammer, shoryuken, star and stripes, etc


Added a list of hypers with zero-frame start-up.

Considering it. It’ll just take a little while to put together.


Do you happen to know how many recovery frames Wright has on Bridge to the Turnabout on hit?

And before you ask, yes, it does have recovery frames. Use it against a character with super-armor and you’ll see that Wright will get hit afterwards.


I would like to note that Killer Illumination is also 0 frames, which makes it vastly superior to Nemesis’s level 3 in every conceivable way.


Nope, it’s 1. You can jump/DHC out of it.

I’m trying to figure out if there’s a way to exploit 0-frame hypers in a THC, but I can’t really get anything out of Hyper Stars & Stripes. Proton Cannon works though; missed that one on the list.


Good to know. I was somewhat confused when I thought the guide said it was 0 frames, as I had thought I saw someone jump out of it before. I never got around to testing it.


hyper stars and stripes’ first hit can be crouched by most characters so it effectively isn’t 0 frames


Added a snapback comparison.


how useful is looking at this frame data?


Depends on how much you want to win.


Can you get some of the other supers on the list too…I’m really curious about Spiral Swords, I think it has a lot of startup and recovery.


I know that Spiral Swords has 10 frames of recovery.


Roomie and I ended up making a frame comparison app. Has complete move lists and sorting options (defaults startup vs advantage on block to explore punish situations) It’s not perfect but we’re planning on trying to get some experimental xfactor frame calculations in there as well which I don’t think any apps out there do. Anyway, that’s the end of my shameless self plug.

We called it Frame Fighter: UMvC3 and we plan on making other versions for other games eventually once we get everything updated on this one. We made demo also that has 10 chars in it and wouldn’t mind feedback.


Holy crap this is amazing!!! I can’t believe I’ve only just seen it. Thank you for your great contribution OP.

Also in terms of frame data I think DHCs add 3 frames before bringing the next character in and Team Supers use the first characters startup then everyone else has their own post freeze startup after that.

What’s bugging me is that I remember seeing someone make a video of an unblockable Team Super after the flash if you weren’t stand blocking. It involved the overhead of Hsien-Ko’s Tenrai-Ha and I think Chun Li started it (kick super) and Dormammu doing Chaotic Flame was in there as well.

Looking at the frame data Tenrai-Ha has 3 post freeze frames of startup so was that person mistaken or is there something I’m miscalculating?