Frame data for the dlc characters?


I know they just came out and all, but for the fact that these characters were hackable from day one would have made you think someone would have worked on it already. Heck if i could I would have done so myself. But anyways, im sure its eating up everyone else here as well as I. I can’t even play a fighting game unless I have frame data, and now that Lars has replaced my Jin immediately I feel like I cant start using him to his full potential unless i have this. Just wanted to know what you guys think of this.


Yeah I’ve been searching for it all day. I can’t find it.


Is there still no frame data for these characters?


None for the new characters are officially published. You would have to do it yourself.


Don’t think so. Looks like it’ll be up to us as a community to try to get that info. How would one go about getting accurate frame data in the simplest way possible?


Do dp and ken or julia’s super arts. If they can punish it the move is minus 3 or minus 2


To find out if a move has frame advantage, have the dummy do it, then immediately jump (input up while the move is playing out.) With you as Zangief, try to super it as a punish. Zangief’s super starts in 0 frames, so it WILL punish anything that doesn’t have at least +1 on block.

To figure out frame disadvantage, follow Juri_kills_friend’s advice.

To measure the startup of moves, find moves that you know (having the Brady guide helps here) leave the character at a set amount of frame disadvantage, then try to punish. For example, I found out that Elena’s st. LK is a 3f move because I tried to punish Abel’s st. MP with it on block. I know for a fact that Abel’s st. MP is -3 on block, and there’s no way Elena’s st. LK could start up in 2f, so it must start up in 3f.

Simple! But laborious.


If you have video capture I think you could just record the game at 60fps and try to count frame-by-frame. You might have to test a couple of times to be safe since the game could drop frames.

Has anyone seen the Japanese guide, assuming there is one? Wonder if it has the DLC characters.


Ok I will do this for PC SFxT for a character, so it should be relatively easy to figure out the startup of normals and specials. However, what about figuring out exactly the frame advantage on hit and block? Or is it just going to be rough estimates based on what normals will link after each one (based on the startup findings) and what normals/specials can be punished?


I did it Lars (you can find it in his general forums). For me telling the difference between active and recovery frames was a pain. Although for advantage just make the character crouch or stand as soon as a hit connects. Normally there will be 2 frames where the character doesnt change animation. After that they normally go into crouching animation. In other words, when you see the animation, you start counting advantage on hit/ block. This is the frame data i made for lars, although i didnt update it because i play on pc


You have just saved me a bunch of time.


your welcome :slight_smile:


This stuff really needs to be added to the srk wiki, not some random google doc that noone can update.


Best to go to the lab and just press every button and then do the old jump test after you blocked to see how much frame advantage you have.
You don’t really need the numbers as long as you know if you’re plus or minus on block.
From then you can work out your own frame traps with characters with known data so you can estimate how much your frame trap might be.