Frame Data Gathering Help

Hi all,

I’m new a new member to the forum, but I’ve been visiting the site for a while now. I’m currently writing a strategy guide for the new Mortal Kombat game and have a question about frame data (what better place to ask than the community here, which have a lot of experience with tournament caliber games).

So I understand what startup, active, and recovery frames are, and I believe I understand how to capture and analyze startup and recovery frames, but how would one test and determine active frames?

Thanks for any advice!

Active frames are extremely time-consuming to test for. You basically just have to do the move over and over and get hit by it at different frames. If a move hits multiple times, good luck finding each of the hits and when they’re active and if there are any gaps in between…

The SCIV community, which had to research all of it’s own frame data, only gives data for startup and hit/block/CH advantage. I’d assume they realized getting data on active frames was not worth all the effort just for data that might end up being wrong anyway.

Thank you for the information! That will save me a lot of time.

The only way to get proper readings for active frames is to have either data directly from the creators, or a test version(or hack/dipswitch setting) that shows hitboxes. For the latter you also need some way of being able to frame step.

A button combination is also necessary to activates the rainbow menu in Capcom games if the game has it. Saotome.