Frame Data... how do i use it?

I just want to know how do i have to use the frame data, what purposes does it have? is to compare if a move is slower than others and which attack counters it or something like that?

Let’s say your characters, when blocked, leaves you at a -3 frame disadvantage, as in: they get out of blockstun 3 frames before you stop… lagging from your move. If they have a 2 frame start-up super, like Ken’s SA3, they can hit you with it for free.

Or… say you have a move that gives frame advantage, you land and go into a neutral state faster than they get out of blockstun, therefore, it’s a great move to use in pressure strings.

Things like that are what it’s used for. Pokes, pressure, punishing, etc. (lol alliteration!)

Yeah…Frame Data is just something you use for reference. It gives you an exact idea of what moves you can use to punish a certain attack especially when blocked. It’s good to know what you can hit someone with after you block one of their moves.