Frame Data (Impact Freeze)


I’m working on a mobile app to help people learn the timing of links. The app would require users to enter the frame data for each move in a combo. However, I have realized that the amount of impact freeze for each move does not seem to appear on frame data tables. Does anyone have much knwoledge about this, is it constant? specific for each move?

Any ideas how I can get around this problem would be greatly appreciated.


Around 10-12 frame iirc. Just google hit freeze.

Btw, timing write down is quite non sense imo, since a two frame links = frame window of 0.032 seconds. 3 frame = 0.048. Sound very tiny, but in reality 3 frame links are quite easy to do, as well as 2 frame links to most people.


Well, there is hitstop(impact freeze) and hitstun.

Neither of these things are consistent values based on button strength though. It’s sometimes not even consistent for the same move. Ryu’s closeMP has 8F impact freeze for himself, but 10F for the opponent for instance.


Yeah unlike ST, SF4 has A LOT of hitstop/hitstun/blockstun/pushback/reeling animation etc. differences between every single move most of the time. Like Eternal said, it isn’t even too uncommon for a single move to have differences depending if it hits crouching, hits them in the head instead of the stomach, and the list goes on and on.

Simple answer is that you will not find a constant value for what you are looking for.


Thanks for the replies, I guess I’ll have to look for an alternate way.