Frame Data + Mix-up

I need frame data + mix-up game details, link me or something

Cause I know kens is good for mix-up cause u can go into a grab or into, or I know u can double srk.

What are u suppose to do once u corner them with ken.

I know also once u block all u can supper if u Just Frame it.

Can someone fill in the blanks for me?

Just read pretty much everything in this section of the forum… recommended links:

Linking/Cancelling into SA3 (post #15): ,
Other good info:
Kara-SRK info:

Just… read everything here.

Walk back, then forward on knockdown it’s good for mixups.
From there you can do…

Short Short Super
Strong-Fierce xx Shoryuken/Shippu
Fierce meaty for parry setup
Axe Kick into Shippu if you can
Dash back and do c.Forward xx Shippu if you see a whiff
Go to a safe distance and make it seem like you’re gonna throw and do c.Strong into Shippu on reaction.

Other than walking back and forward for mixup do other weird movements like, tapping down repeatedly, or hell…just stand right there.

sticky plz:P

probably his most worthless way to combo Shippu, but just found out that regular old meaty mk can link into SA3 on crouching opponents. How someone can ever get hit meaty while crouching in a real match is another story, but the option still remains. I think that about settles it, just about every normal he has can be comboed into super art(minus crouching/standing HK).

What about throwing? I was told something speacial about and forgot. I know that you are not suppose to do it without doing something else cause it does a whiff animation?

Whats the trick on that?

Plus what does meaty mean? I have yet to hear that one

What is DP?

What about his cross-up thingy. Cause I had Jae Purvis do that to me alot and I would block the but my back would be turned after and he would just beat the crap out of me.

Can someone tell me the move notation for that?

You mean kara throwing? Ken has no usefull kara’s for throwing. Theoretically you’d have c.HK into either direction but that requires superhuman reflexes(so it’s basicly impossible to do).

Ken’s Kara Throw sucks so don’t bother.

Meaty means you do an attack on their wakeup that overlaps their sprite forcing to block/parry on wakeup. Moves with invincibility frames beats meaty, like Ken’s Fierce Shoryuken.

DP = Dragon Punch (Shoryuken)

A cross-up is basicly an air attack that changes sides upon landing and used for ambiguous blocks. The reason why you don’t block is because you held back to block his attack but instead he jumped deep enough where he switch sides with you thus you walk forward instead of blocking so you eat that j.Forward. To block that basicly hold forward instead of back, so when he cross you over you’ll block the correct way, but that’s when shit happens and he’ll mix you up. Just get use to the crossups and make good decisions.

Just parry cross-up attempts, if you miss your parry you’ll automaticly block.

It seems to be an odd case though in final being quite easy: if you get crosses up from left to right you need to block to left. And if you parry you have to parry to left. So in either case you’ll get a succesfull parry or a succesfull block.

i’d like to know the framedata for kens
b+MK and f+HK

especially the hit adv. and cr. hit adv. frames.

and the hitstun frames for his jumping attacks.