FRame data of jump attacks?

i tried to search for frame data with jumping attacks from balrog but i couldnt find anything on it
i want to know how much balrog jump forward HK and LK are on block

Frame data for jump attacks varies based on how close to the ground you hit the opponent, that is why there is no data listed. If you hit the opponent on the top of the head you’d get a different on block amount than if you hit them at their chest height or in the stomach or their feet. In a game with variable height opponents it is even harder to quantify the frame data properly without adding an asterisk stating “this data assumes hitting the top of Ryu.” and even then the data could fluctuate slightly based on the small bobbing up and down Ryu does while in neutral position.

Thanks bro

Shouldn’t you still be able to get frames of blockstun? It’ll still give variable + or - frames, but you should get a basic idea right?

The way I calculate frame advantage for jumping attacks is by doing a safe-jump, following up with a slow attack, and then checking what the opponent can do to stuff it. If the opponent can’t do anything but block then you know the frame advantage must be more than that move + the landing frames. Then you just keep doing slower and slower moves till you find one that the opponent can beat. Figuring out the frames after that is just a matter of simple arithmetic. IMO even though landing frames play a role, it’s better to just consider them as part of the jumping attack’s recovery.

You don’t need to know the absolute values anyway, but this technique is useful for figuring out frame traps.

Block/hit stun for jumping attacks is generally:
8f/11f for lights
11f/15f for mediums
15f/18f for hards

There is 4f of jump attack recovery, so at best you are at +11f/+14f from a jump fierce for example, using 4f safejump timing.

From my testing, the frame advantage isn’t sensitive enough that idle animations make a difference. The variance depends mostly on whether the charcter is tall/normal height, and whether they are standing/crouching. Only a few characters are “tall”, like Sagat and T.hawk, and even then the difference is only 1f. The majority of the cast falls into the “Ryu” height category.