Frame data on standing lp



so i was looking at the frame data on ogre. It says st. lp has a 4 frame start up and +6 on hit. However, the first hit of flash punch/demon slayer ( which is also a st. lp) has a 3 frame start up and +5 on hit. Im really confused which one is actually true and how does the system distinguish the inputs which is technically the same?? I mean…3 frame jab is much better than a 4 frame jab =/


Good question. I always double tap jab with Ogre for the chain and I always feel like I’m at a gigantic advantage especially at the start of the round when building meter with s.lp x2 > snake blade > 2 hit hunting hawk > (easier than cl.hp for me) xx ancients power for corner push. At the end of that combo depending on how the match has gone my opponent is near the corner and I have close to 1 meter which means the game is basically over when it comes to Ogre. Until we can find a real answer I would commit double jab > link into muscle memory because it’s nearly impossible to miss and will always leave you at an advantage even if it’s blocked you can still snake blade which is safe to nearly everything to build meter.


You cannot do normal into ancient power off of snakeblade hunting hawk. What you should be doing off of snakeblade huntinghawk is standing hp qcf lp.


Yup just tested it doesn’t have enough juggle points cl.hp works though. I didn’t think the last hit of snake blade would eat up a juggle point but I guess it does :frowning:


I found this odd myself, cr.LK -> cr.MK doesn’t launch… so logically the second cr.MK should be a “launch” unless Tekken combos with built-in launches take up two-points. Can anyone test with another Tekken character?


I think the game just recognizes how quickly you press LP. If you mash LP quickly it comes out in 3 if you don’t and try to link it comes out in 4 I suppose.


I think maybe it’s 4 frame no matter what, but it might read it as 3 frames only if you buffer as Joooooeeeee mentioned.

I use Flash Punch’s 2 hit starter a lot as follows:

If you do LP > LP, the second hit is +9 on hit and +7 on block (because it’s the first part of Flash Punch Combo, which is LP > LP > MP, so you’ll basically never finish the Flash Punch Combo because it’s better not to).

This allows you to combo / blockstring into pretty much anything, but specifically Hunting Hawk, Snake Blade, and cr. MK.
[]Going into cr. MK is good because you can super charge Inigo Punch and then dash-cancel it to maintain pressure.
]Going directly into Hunting Hawk is good if you plan to switch cancel or super/team super.
[]LP > LP > Hunting Hawk hit 1 > Hunting Hawk hit 2 > Standing HP > LK Owl’s Hunt > switch cancel > team mate juggle
]LP LP > Hunting Hawk hit 1 > Hunting Hawk hit 2 > Standing HP > super/team super
[]If you aren’t going to super/team super, go into Snake Blade first:
]LP > LP > Snake Blade > Hunting Hawk hit 1 > Hunting Hawk hit 2 > Standing HP > LP Indigo Punch
[*]If they’re blocking everything, you can do LP > LP and then Waning Moon for a command grab (just make sure they are standing and that you give the blockstun enough time to wear off, otherwise the grab won’t connect).


I like to LP > LP > cr.MK > cr.FP overhead, then once they start blocking the overhead you can change it into waning moon command grab. Basically creates a 50/50, but i’d train them to block high first with overheads.