Frame data question

Ok, either I am just really slow…
But I cannot grasp the frame data.
I played a Honda player and was fully loaded, he exHB (now in SSF4 I was able to punish with an ultra via kick activation) I blocked and instantly executed U1. It whiffed?? I went into training and sure enough it whifs now everytime?
I checked frame data and I get so confused.
Here is the frame data that I have on my Android:
Ultra Combo 1 execution 0+10 (what is the 0+) (and is that 10 frames startup)
activation 33(8),33(8),33(8),33(16)1x3 ??? WHAT?
Block Advantage 39
Hit Advantage -26
(still not real clear on the - and + numbers in the advantage section, but it makes sense that the - number is to MY advantage and the positive is to the opponet?)
Ehonda frame data for EXHB Execution 8
Activation 25
Recovery 14+13 ???
Block Advantage -8
(since its a knock down on Hit, I assume there is not Hit advantage?) (If thats true then why does Rog have Hit Advantage on his U1 when its a knockdown as well?)

What I take from these number is that since he has a Block Advantage of -8 and it takes Rog 0+10 (whatever that means) Rog cannot punnish on block as he used to in SSF4?

As soon as this frame data clicks in my head my game will improve. But for now I am handicapped due to not understanding.

Any help guys

So maybe I am not the only one confused by Frame Data.
I will continue to search for answers… thanks for viewing.

When punishing hondas ex hb, activate with kicks but do not hold the kick button! That is what causes the whiff.

Well…that’s a really bad example as a U1 punish on block. You can BUT it’s not 100%. The most consistent punish for ex.hb on block is super since headbutt is -8. for punishing headbutt it’s better when you have less…pushback. So go into training mode, record Honda doing ex.hb, then try to punish it mid-screen, activating with punches and holding/drumming kicks (there’s a couple of ways to make U1 8f), and try it at different distances. Then try it deep in the corner, and you’ll find that it’s much easier, and much more consistent.

As far as frame data: read this

And cliffs, i’ll explain it for you on a more simple attack (normals that hit once).

startup, active, recovery
cr.lp - 3su frames, 2A frames, 5R frames

Startup is the time between when you press the button and the attack hits, you can be CH or thrown during this time (unless the attack is invincible)
Active is the time where you can actually hit the opponent (you can’t during startup or recovery frames)
Recovery occurs after the active frames, during recovery frames you’re completely vulnerable (if you attack whiffs), if you’ve made contact with an opponent (e.g. they get hit or block, NOT absorb with ex armor), then you’ve got frame advantage/disadvantage. If an attack whiffs then you only go into recovery, and have no frame advantage/disadvantage.
-advantage (+) means you recover so many frames before the opponent
-disadvantage (-) means you recover so many frames after the oppoent

Earlier the 33(8),33(8),33(8),33(16)1x3 is just the active frames once the ultra hits (this is the frame data for EACH hit since U1 hits multiple times, compare to his data that does not, or the super which only hits once per punch.

Ah yes. I was thinking the OP meant the super punish not U1. I would not punish Hondas’ EX headbut with U1 for the reasons 3nigmat1c stated.

Well maybe I posted this in the wrong format. My question was not on how or when to punish Hondas HB, but rather how to read that frame data.

“Earlier the 33(8),33(8),33(8),33(16)1x3 is just the active frames once the ultra hits (this is the frame data for EACH hit since U1 hits multiple times, compare to his data that does not, or the super which only hits once per punch.”

So what does 3*3(8) stand for?
What does 0+10 mean?
What does 14+13 mean?

I dont mean ask the question as applied to Honda, but rather what do the numbers mean…
If I read anyones frame data, I want to understand what I’m seeing and at this point I dont.

I am going to take the time to read the link that 3nigmatic provided and see if that clears anything up.

for startup, 0+10 means the ultra takes 0 frames before you see the ultra animation and then 10 more frames for it to get into active mode. For example, zangief’s ultra is 1+0, meaning that once it is inputted, there is 1 frame before the animation is shown, the 0 frames before it is active, meaning there’s nothing the opponent can do once they see the animation