Frame data question

Hey Ibuki newb back with another question. I noticed that for Ibukis frame data that she has a 4 frame advantage on hit with her lp mp hp chain. But the thing is she can sj cancel into her ultra. So i took a wild guess and came to a conclusion that she would have maybe have 12-14 frames if she sj cancels because she has 10 recovery frames in that target combo which would be added to the frame advantage (also taking 2 frames off of the sj cancel) i just want to know… Am i right? Lol and if im not please correct me

Maybe these videos can help answer your question:
blocked tc4 xx sj:
hit tc4 xx sj:
hit tc4 xx sj (Ryu ex dp):

Use a video player that can watch the video frame by frame, like VLC or MPC. The blocked video is a good point of reference, as it is much easier to see block animations due to the blue circles suddenly appearing, than hit animations. Moving onto the hit videos, there’s one with Ryu doing a regular dp, and then another with him doing an EX dp, so that you have a better idea of what the startup of the dp animation looks like, besides the fact that the you see the end letters of “reversal” on the screen on the first frame he does it.

From the looks of it, Ibuki seems to have be about +17, or there are 17 frames of Ryu in hit animation before he gets to do anything. Right after the st.MP, the st.HP (cr.HP animation) takes about 2f startup, then Ryu goes into hit animation with his face like :open_mouth: for 10 frames. This is 10 frames of hitstop, and then Ibuki cancels the rest of her recovery as you can see the cr.HP animation changes to the startup of her (super) jump animation.

Anyways, this knowledge is kind of pointless, since you’ll rarely ever be doing TC4 xx empty super jump anyways.

No i actually wanted to know so i can better understand the reason you can sj cancel into u2 after a tc4

Cancelling a move occurs during the active frames. So, if you cancel the move on the first active frame of the last hit of the TC, it will add each active frame thereafter as well as all of the recovery frames minus the startup of the sjc.

To use real numbers: > > HL 100 60 30 sp/su 2 3 10 +1 +4
Normally, Ibuki is at +4. SJC’ing on the FIRST active frame would add the remaining two active frames as well as the ten recovery frames, putting her at +16. I don’t know how many frames her SJ is, and a quick google has yeilded nothing. Point being, you’re at +16 minus the startup of the SJ.

Alright thats cool i totally get this now. Thanks alot. Are hou on psn?

So… is this about how large of a window you have to SJC U2 or something?

I am not (I only have PC), though I’m not sure if you were talking to me or MingoDynasty. I also don’t play Ibuki, I just saw your post in “Recently Active Threads” and figured I’d lend my knowledge where I could n_n;

Sort of. You can 16 frames where you can act and your opponent cannot, but Ultra 2 starts up in 9 frames. You have seven frames of “wiggle room”. If you input the ultra in the first seven frames, you will link it. Mind you, this is not taking into consideration the startup of Super Jump.

Kind of, just getting the idea of it so i can use it to do other combos and mix ups

Both of you lol, and thats cool man appreciate the help

I wonder where you’re getting your information from, or if you’re just making it up, but anyways, here’s my master thesis on SJC U2:

tl,dr you have about a 3 or 4 frame window input :3k:. This is assuming you have already done the ultra + super jump input beforehand (such as during the st.HP’s hitstop), or something like :qcf::qcf::uf:

And here’s my proof: tc4 xx sjc u2.avi

Again, fast forwarding to the end of the st.MP (or b+MP) animation, you have 2f of st.HP (or cr.HP animation) startup, followed by 10f of hitstop, and then the super jump startup animation. This should be easily noticeable since after the st.HP hitstop with both characters in the same animation for 10 frames, Ibuki retracts her arms. During these 3-4 frames where she’s grounded, you have to input the :3k: to cancel that into U2. When done correctly, as you can see in the video, you go straight to the first frame of the ultra animation, which is actually kind of blurry. The next frame is a bit less blurry, and then you get a nice closeup of Ibuki’s boobs (lol).

It has absolutely nothing to do with how long it takes for the ultra to startup (that’s AFTER the ultra flash), and you definitely have nowhere near 16 frames to time that shit otherwise it’d be as easy as comboing Boxer’s cr.LP xx cr.LP via mashing.

Lastly, SJC U2 is not a link at all. You cancel something into super jump, and then you cancel that super jump into ultra. My proof here, is that when I recorded myself doing SJC U2 several times, I noticed that I didn’t always U2 on the same frame. This must mean I am cancelling my super jump startup into ultra, otherwise I would see the 4 frames of super jump startup and then the ultra flash, every time, which is not the case.

I usually only play PC, and recently XBL since PC doesn’t have AE 2012 yet…

You can add me on PSN if you want, if you want some Ryu/Ken flowchart practice from my bro lol.

Solid info! Like I said, I’m no Ibuki expert, I just know stuff about how frame data works. I’m about to read your linked post.
I used the SRK wiki ( for my information. :lp: > :mp: > :hp: is listed as having 3 active frames and 10 recovery frames. That’s the data that I’m using; I don’t claim it to be correct, but given that information, I believe my analysis is correct. As I said, I didn’t account for the frame data of the SJ, but if what you say is true, the SJ is cancelled into the U2.