frame data question

I presume this should be the same for almost most chars… correct me if i’m wrong…

ken does a distance) opponent blocks, he dashes, does c. lk /c. lp … i’m wondering if that last lk has absolute frame advantage (i.e. the blocking lag the lk from far distance i presume adds x frames in his advantage… does the dash plus c. jab or short frame is less than that of a block the and then grab)

The answer prolly is there is enough time to grab but i always get hit when i try to grab!

I honestly have not got a fucking clue. My guess is it would be either character specific, or your reactions aren’t fast enough. Wait errmm, wtf you talking about? Tick throws?

There’s hella time to grab him when he dashes in. :tup:

I dont think the frame adv. from the has anything to do with the dash recovery since it should of already ran out. Knowing the frame data on the startup/recovery of the dash should help. If anybody knows and wants to share it thats great cause i would like to know myself.

Here you go.

Archived from

Thanks for sharing it.
Dash Fwd: 1/8/6(4) anybody know what the 4 means?

Crouching Jab: 5/2/5
Crouching Short: 6/2/7

His throw i believe have 3 frame startup. Anybody know? I couldnt find it.

This is Dreamcast frame data, so in general you shave off a frame, throws are 2 frames in the arcade, IIRC. Still, I really have to question the data altogether, does Makoto really had 21 frames of recovery in her dash:confused: I’m never dashing again- -

Im going to write it down from the 3s bible itself cause that frame data does not look right.

Didn’t Streaks (guy who made got the frames from the 3s bible?

Ramza: makoto’s dash have slow recovery but you can cancel out of them with a move. Try dashing twice and notice the lag in between. Now dash and jab, no lag!

I dont know but most common jabs and shorts are 3-4 frames.

Like Sage said, there’s no gained frame advantage for making an opponent block or whatever, after a dash. You can punish the dasher with, xx super, into whatever, throw him, and a lot more other stuff.

The only advantage of doing c.lks and anything else after a dash is that you’ve thrown them off, because they didn’t expect you to dash, and thus they have less time to think and react to whatever your going to do next.

Next time, please be more clear if you ask a question, because it was a little difficult to understand what you were saying.