Frame data question...


So I thought I had a pretty good grasp on frame data, but how come Sagat’s TU has 5 startup frames and 5 invincible frames, but seems to cleanly beat just about anything? Shouldn’t the first hit frame trade a lot more since its not invincible?


Typically the uppercuts are invincible for the start-up time, and then hit while invincible for a while. I can’t speak to SFIV, but this is what a tiger uppercut looks like in HDR:


5f start up, hits on 5th. Last startup frame is first active frame.


So why is it called a startup frame if its an active frame?
Ryus c.lp’s frame data is 3 startup,2 active, 7 recovery.
So its actually…



It does trade fairly often. I think you’ve got it right.


People get mixed up about the word “startup”. What’s important is whether the frames are hitting or non-hitting, invincible or vulnerable, etc.

I’m no SFIV expert, but it sounds like Sagat’s Uppercut is invincible and non-hitting for the 1st 5 frames, hitting and invincible for the 6th frame, and hitting and vulnerable for the rest of the hitting frames. This is just a guess on my part, IDK what the exact frames are, but it would be more clear if people stop using the term “startup”. = J


I wouldn’t take look too deep into the names. That’s just the way it is and I never really questioned it myself.
But taking Sagat’s TU example again…
1f start–invincible
2f start–invincible
3f start–invincible
4f start–invincible
5f active–invincible
6f active–tradeable/vulnerable
7f active–tradeable/vulnerable
8f recovery–and onwards–vulnerable