Frame Data states 0+10?


Hey just a bit of confusion regarding this, on Fei Longs wiki page it states that his ultra comes out in 0+10 frames ( What does this mean exactly? If its start up is 10 frames why not just put 10 frames? I’m confused because my safe jump works on his 5 frame flame kick, but not on his Ultra. What am I missing here?


It’s 0 frames on reversal, 10 frames if it’s not a reversal.


0+10 means that it takes 0 frames to come out before, and 10 after the superflash.
It’s an important distinction because eg Gief U1 comes out after 1f startup, but you cannot jump out of it after the superflash (it’s 1+0).

Why your specific safejump works against Flamekick but not against Fei U1 I don’t know.


Sorry getting two different versions here. 0 Frames if its a reversal? That would explain why the safe jump doesn’t work, but at the same time I feel like that’s not quite right. I’m going to try test out my setup again, maybe it was a fluke. If it doesn’t work I’ll post a video showing whats going on.


It was a fluke.

0 means his ultra flash (where it stops the screen) and it takes 10 frames for the move to become active


Sorry for the delay, you are right it was a fluke. I wasn’t blocking long enough after the safe jump and so the animation would begin again on playback due to the Ultra Flash being around 1-1.5 sec and Oni would be caught mid dash. Thank you all for helping.


Not sure if this is off-topic or not, but eltrouble, care to elaborate? I don’t think that this is the case, but perhaps I’m wrong. I thought that, as Vulpes stated, 0+10 means 0 frames before the flash and 10 frames after.


No, I think I was just mistaken. I might be getting it confused with numbers that are in brackets. i.e. Ibuki’s Ultra 1. I think brackets indicate a change in frame data based on reversal or non-reversal status. Correct me if I’m wrong.


I actually haven’t heard anything like that, but it sounds reasonable. The only move that I can see is Ibuki’s Ultra 1’s startup…any other examples of this?


The []brackets in Ibukis U1 are for her 2nd Ult version (the fireball thingie which comes out when nothing gets grabbed).
()brackets in active frames are framegaps during multihit specials (eg Guile sweep active frames are “4(20)4”).

There is no special which has a differing framecount when being used as a reversal.


you can definitely safe jump fei long’s U1. what you’re probably doing is not recording d/b long enough so when you play back the dummy goes back into neutral and you get hit by the ultra. remember to hold d/b longer during the recording because you need to account for the ultra 1 animation.

0+10 means it starts up immediately when you do the input and it has a 10 frame start-up after the animation.


This whole thread was extremely helpful in understanding the frame data. Thanks cats!


It’s actually quite interesting how this is implemented, but basically “0 +” usually implies a startup cinematic ultra/super, while "1 + " or more implies that the game slows during during the “flash”, but 1 frame of game time passes. This is easy to see when comparing Ryu’s Shinkuu Hadouken to Metsu Hadouken. If you do a max distance into Shinkuu, you can actually sometimes still see the opponent recoiling from the during the flash, except that it’s just incredibly slowed down. The frame data for this move says 1+2, so the amount of “time” that passes during the screen flash is 1 frame. However, with Metsu Hadouken the action stops completely. The screen zooms onto Ryu who looks like he is performing a motion, but it’s just the cinematic and no actual “game time” passes, so the frame data says 0 + 11.